To Carmine Infantino


You could have drawn him like a man
With muscles upon muscles
A heavy weight body builder like the the others
But no
He was a being of lines
Defying gravity and speed
And page upon page he
Whisked us through the fantasy
Of preteen dreams
A man of speed
But of boundless energy
And integrity
More heart than the Man of Steel
More cheer than the Dark Knight
With a smile
He took down rouges with colorful names
Like Turtle Man, Mr. Element, The Weather Wizard,
The Trickster, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang,
Gorilla Grodd, Professor Zoom
He was the Flash
And with one single stroke of your pen
The Golden Age of comics ended
And the Silver Age began
One where children no longer dreamed
Of the intangibles of magic
But instead
Marveled on the infinite possibilities of science
And like a bolt everything changed
And eyes turned
To the bold new frontier
A giant among giants
Carmine Infantino



2 thoughts on “To Carmine Infantino

  1. The Flash -Yesssss!
    remember a comic that had the Flash and Superman in a race to see who was the fastest (or maybe I dreamed it!)
    And, of course – respect to Carmine I

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