This was never meant to be.
She’s far too young; I, too jaded.
Curse this thing called chemistry.
Curse emotions left unabated.

Her piercing eyes, her soft brown hair,
Her kind and gentle visage.
And an undeniable maturity there
Of a woman who is twice her age.

So much in her I saw in me,
A selfish nature masked by charm.
But what she possessed I could not see,
Her caring nature left me disarmed.

But this can’t happen. It never can.
Our group’s so tightly knit.
Should I fall prey to lust again,
The group will suffer for it.

For she’s eighteen, just a girl.
I am an amoral lawyer.
Her eyes are just now seeing the world.
There’s nothing good I can offer for her.

We dance that dance. We duck. We lie.
There is nothing at all between us.
And now I see her, with my eyes,
Another man, a tender kiss.

She found new love. She turns away,
To greener pastures far from here.
Far too smart for this wretched place.
Far too good for me I fear.

And so I feel a great relief.
Fate’s taken her from my vision.
But mixed in there’s a sense of grief,
Wracked am I with indecision.

She was never mine, I think,
As now I’m being torn apart
By women who have too much drink
And are leagues from my heart.

A dance without a dance.
Emotions boiling on the floor.
The lie that is romance.
I turn my back and face the doors.

But what’s this? She has returned.
She says her instincts were all wrong —
Of the opportunity spurned.
This is where she belongs.

Then I feel that relief again
For reasons different than before.
I had finally realized, then,
That I’d see her here at least once more.

In those sparkling fairy woods,
We leaned forward in an embrace.
How warm she was, and oh how good
It was to see her shining face.

And then… she kissed me on the lips.
So innocent. So sweet.
Unlike before, no gamesmanship.
Just a simple time where two hearts meet.

We break from our confusing bliss.
Her eyes reflect the nearby lights.
I draw her in for a deeper kiss.
Nothing had ever felt so right.

I hold her close and feel her breath,
Our lips pressed tight. Our bodies sway.
Emotions flooding, the dam has split.
The world is a thousand miles away.


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