Community’s episode 4.03, “Conventions of Space and Time”, is going to go down as the most controversial episode of Community of all time. One reviewer called it the worst episode of Community ever. Fan groups have fractured. The emotions have escalated since the episode aired, with some fans bemoaning that Community is done and everything that made it the show to watch was now gone. “Community is not about relationships!” was the rallying cry.

And you know what? It think that this episode was pretty much designed to set the fanbase against each other.

Why else would the Community Facebook follow up with retweets of Jeff/Annie gifsets (one with the hashtag “#WE SHIP IT”) and then a post asking, “What do you think about Annie and Jeff?” They weren’t baiting for approval. They’d known that half of the Community fans hated Jeff/Annie. So my take is that they knew exactly what they were doing: stirring up passionate arguments to energize the fanbase. So what if half the fans hated it? As Elie Wiesel once said, “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

Now, just to get it out there: I’m a huge Jeff/Annie shipper. I root for these two because of the chemistry whenever Allison Brie and Joel McHale are in the same room together. Unlike some reviewers who think that the relationship has reduced Annie to the role of “has boobs/wants to f*** Jeff”, I think that the show has portrayed her as surprisingly complex. She’s often the most mature of the Greendale Seven, but she is still young and has moments when she lapses into childish behavior. As Jeff says, she’s driven. She owns a gun. She’s faced dark times with a pill addiction, missed out on her childhood, and is still trying to find her way in the world.

Meanwhile, when we meet Jeff Winger, he’s a jerk who think he’s got everything figured out. He’s usually brought down from his immense ego trip when Annie is involved. In “Debate 109”, for example, he’s recruited to the Debate Team, which is the epitome of dorkiness.  Annie manages to bring him down to her level (using his ego against him).  By the time the episode is over, Jeff Winger has fully committed to his role as a debate partner and he ends up having fun. (You know, beyond the obvious benefits.) So I love how everytime Annie brings Jeff down to her nerdy little world, he enjoys himself … and actually starts growing as a person.

I am such a huge Jeff/Annie shipper that I couldn’t watch the show past the Season One finale. The kiss between the two was so epic that I knew, deep down, that there was no way this was going to go but downhill. I refused to watch the next season because I knew, I just knew that this was going to be broken up as quickly as possible.  And my suspicions were right: the show pretty much sabotaged the relationship by the very next episode.  Suddenly, Annie was mad that Jeff slept with another woman (a close mutual friend, in fact) and claimed that she only kissed Jeff to be cool.


Here’s what some of the Jeff/Annie was that even the Jeff/Annie shippers weren’t to thrilled going into this episode either. The advanced notices claiming that Annie had regressed beyond repair were disheartening. This was bolstered none at all by the previews. One, specifically, set the fandom on edge. Annie pretends to be “Mrs. Winger,” after which she lets out a sigh and collapses on the bed. It looked like the criticisms were all true: Annie’s character was being regressed to a childlike state because all the fans were perceived to be teenage girls. Then there was word that there was going to be a fantasy sequence where Annie imagines herself married to Jeff. Oh, God. One fan even tweeted that she heard that this episode was going to be the one where Jeff outright rejected Annie… and this seemed to be a good enough impetus for it.

Things were looking worse than ever.

And then, after the episode aired, the Jeff/Annie fans were united like never before. At the same time, the Jeff/Annie haters were united like never before. This was the episode that split the fandom.

So what happened?


There’s actually two things you have to keep in mind about this episode:

1.) The episode opens with Jeff and Annie planning to go on a ski trip together. This is actually a pretty major step between the two already. Other team ups from previous seasons were basically forced on these two. For example, Jeff only gets into Annie’s Model UN, for example, because he needs to defend Annie’s honor against Annie Kim’s Model UN. But a ski vacation? This continues the “more than just friends” vibe from the previous episode, where Jeff planned a couples costume where he was a shirtless boxer and she was his sexy ring girl.


And seriously, you don’t have to blind to figure out what’s going on here. Ski trip. One hotel room (albeit with two bedrooms). The two of them together without any of the other Study Group. (A commentator once angrily pointed out, “Why didn’t Jeff also invite Pierce and Shirley?” Duh doy… you don’t invite third wheels for your sexy ski trip.) This isn’t even subtext. One or both of the parties were sorta hoping this trip would end in hot sex.

Those fans who claim that this is all a fantasy dreamed up by Annie?  You can pretty much stuff it.

2.)  Those fantasy sequences that Annie was having?  That wasn’t pandering to the fans.  They were being intentionally played up to as creepy.  The clue here is that Annie somehow acquires Jeff’s hair and places them in the sink.  Take that out, and her fantasy can be seen as cute … or childish “regression”, as the critics like to call it.  But put that simple line in, and it sorta crosses the line.  Even fans who like Annie, who don’t see her as some sort of perfect angel but as a very complex woman who’s still working out her issues, were taken a little aback by this.

So with those two items in had, you can figure that Annie was a little more crushed than would be normal than if this was just two friends hanging out.  The fantasy sequence didn’t come from nowhere, either.  We’ve seen Annie go all out when constructing a fantasy.  When she breaks Abed’s DVD, she intentionally trashes her own apartment to cover up.  When she’s asked to roleplay an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, she creates a sexy male roleplay character that makes everyone at the Study Group a little nervous.  She has a deep an boundless imagination, and when she replicates a scenario in real life, she goes all out.


Eventually, Annie’s fantasy goes a little too far.  Jeff had said he was leaving the convention, because he’d had to cancel the ski trip and the nerd convention just isn’t his thing.  Well, he in a situation where the hotel staff finds him flirting with guest star Tricia Helfer.  The hotel staff notifies Annie (who had assumed that Jeff had left), and she had to keep up her charade by pretending to be a jealous wife.  The jig is up, and Jeff discovers the elaborate fantasy that Annie’s been building this whole time.

Annie explains that this was just a thing she does.  She’s imagined being married to Jeff many times, as well as her previous crush Troy, and her celebrity crush Zach Braff.  She also says that she did this because she was a little upset that Jeff ditched her.

Now, there had been some speculation that this was the episode that would break of Jeff and Annie forever.  We’d heard that the new showrunners preferred the Jeff/Britta pairing.  We knew that Britta would be the one accompanying Jeff in a future highly emotional episode where Jeff meets his father.  So was this the end?

After all, there was the perfect setup.  The situation was so creepy that Jeff would be in his rights to set Annie straight like he had done so many times in previous episodes. He could sit her down and tell her that such behavior wasn’t becoming of an intelligent woman, and that for her own good she would need to stop fantasizing.  Annie would do it, too, because the shame of being found out would be too much to bear.

But then… the show does a complete 180 from what everyone was expecting.




And the entirety of the Jeff/Annie community was united in total, utter love.

Let’s unpack this scene bit by bit, shall we?

  1. Jeff wasn’t concerned at all about the creepiness of Annie’s hobby.  In fact, he was more concerned about where he found her hair.  Was he balding?  This was typically Jeff’s ego, but this time, he was using it to make things better.
  2. When Jeff says, “Is this something I should be worried about?” he is a little worried about whether Annie thought their relationship was further along than they expected.  For Jeff, a casual hook-up is just that, and he was more worried that Annie interpreted this ski trip perhaps to be further down their relationship than he thought it was.  (Like, did he suddenly get engaged and he didn’t know it?)
  3. Annie says that this was something she fantasizes with all of her crushes.  This shoots down the accusation from the Jeff/Annie haters that it’s this relationship with Jeff that’s ruined her as a character. You see, she acts like a lovesick schoolgirl because that’s who she is.  If the writers follow through with the suggestion that Annie break it off with Jeff and find someone else, it’s going to turn out that Annie’s going to do the exact same thing to her next crush.  She’s a daydreamer, a romantic, and ridiculously driven when she re-enacts her fantasies.  (If you want to get kinky about it, I suspect Annie Edison is way into role play.)
  4. Jeff drops the fantastic line that was meant to melt all our hearts: “If we were married, you wouldn’t find me flirting with another woman in a hotel bar.”  This single sentence is ridiculously packed.  First of all, this is Jeff Winger, who doesn’t believe in marriage.  Yet he’s willing to dream up a scenario where he’s married with Annie.  Second, it’s with Annie.  He could have said, “If I were married,” but he used “we.”  Third, he openly admits that he was flirting.  He could’ve tried to reason that he was innocent, and that the woman was an obsessed super-fan.  But he owns up to it.  He was trying to impress Tricia Helfer.
  5. The age issue is addressed.  When Annie wonders if Jeff doesn’t want to hang out with her at the Convention, she wonders if it’s because he’s older.  He shoots her down and replies it’s because he’s not lame.  His hang-ups over being older than Annie by 13 years are a thing of the past.  It was also the major reason he never pursued Annie in Seasons 2 or 3.  He was too wrapped up with being concerned about what others would think that he kept his distance.  But now Annie is 22, and he can’t keep denying the chemistry the two have together.
  6. Finally, despite all that, Jeff decides that he wants to “hang-out” with Annie after all.  (I’m assuming this means they’ll be staying together at that hotel room, huh?)  Because he discovers that being in a relationship means doing something that you don’t necessarily enjoy, but you’ll do it anyway because you want to be with the one you love.


So when you unpack it like that, you’ll realize why this very moment was so very important to all the Jeff/Annie shippers.  It was perhaps the first time Jeff Winger himself directly brought up their relationship, which was not an easy thing to do for a guy who resists opening up at all.  Sex is easy for Jeff.  But he’s also emotionally scarred, a guy who was beaten up as a kid and who has issues about being abandoned by his father.  So to finally have an honest conversation without once reverting to a grandiloquent Winger speech… that’s progress.

And here’s the thing.  Both Annie and Jeff may have been going on this ski trip with sex in mind.  But this Jeff who was willing to open up his heart to her?  That, in the end, was what Annie Edison really wanted.  How do we know?  Well, once he had Jeff order an appletini for her (which he resists doing because it’s lame, but he’ll do anyway because, well, that’s what people in a relationship do for each other), she does an adorable bounce.





This is a happy woman.  Far happier than we’ve ever seen her in a while.  And when it comes down to it, this is what all Jeff/Annie shippers want.

That’s what the critics just do not get.  They want Annie to be what they imagine to be “mature” (or at least, not “regressed”) and to kill all her schoolgirl crushes.  But Annie has been that mature, overcoming a pill addiction, abandonment by her own parents, and life in a bad neighborhood.  She’s gone through a lot.  And now it’s time to be happy.

The cynics take a look at the breadth of four seasons and claim that Annie has only been good for Jeff.  Jeff stops being a cynical, self-centered jerk when he’s around Annie.  But what, do they claim, does Annie get out of it?  Is she there as a one-dimensional character whose whole purpose is to make Jeff better?  You anti-feminist!

But Annie keeps pursuing Jeff for the sole reason that she does love him. If she was purely a romantic, she could’ve stayed with Vaughn, a decent man who once wrote a song for her. But with Jeff, she actually sees a soulmate, one who will make her better as well. After Virtual Systems Analysis, critics of Jeff/Annie point out the scene where she says she doesn’t love Jeff Winger after all. My opinion is that this is immediately reversed in the following episode. After Annie goes too far in pinning a crime on a fellow classmate, it’s Jeff who pulls her back from the brink and reminds her of her morals. They could get the better grade, sure, but there’s a chance the classmate is innocent. “Don’t be like me,” Jeff says in a very caring tone.

This is what Jeff brings to the table. The two are more alike than most fans give them credit for: they’re both driven, manipulative and deceptive. They are also both noble, loyal, and self-sacrificing. Annie is often viewed as the latter, and Jeff the former. But when they’re together, they both migrate to the good side of the scale, simply because seeing the other fall into despair is actually hurting them.  The two have proven that, time and time again, when they’re together they help change each other’s lives for the better.

That’s what happens here, too.  Jeff comes to the discovery that he was being selfish, and Annie is finally treated like an adult.  All is well in the world.


And this is why it breaks the Community fandom forever.  Unless you were this invested in seeing Jeff and Annie get together, you are just not going to get it.

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8 thoughts on “Why CONVENTIONS OF SPACE AND TIME breaks COMMUNITY forever

  1. Boy, I hope this doesn’t end up as a double-post. Had some login issues…

    Heads up…this’ll be a long one. I can’t seem to escape wall-of-texting, whether here or on reddit, at least as far as Jeff/Annie goes. I also know this is several months old, so you’re not expecting any replies…but I’ve gotta get it out there

    First of all, thanks for writing this. I feel you were for the most part, SPOT ON. I’ll bring up any disagreements I have as I go. They’re minor, so you may miss them.

    First of all, a little about me. Yes, this is conceit, but I think it’s good to establish who I am, so you know where I’m coming from. I’m a grown man in my (early) 30’s, who left his job a couple of years ago to finish my Bachelor’s. I’m also a bit full of myself, sarcastic, and have daddy issues. Sound like anyone familiar? We (my wife and I) didn’t start watching Community until a few weeks ago, and we’ve already blown through everything released. From the start, she KNEW I’d have to love Jeff, just because he’s my type of guy. Not like THAT, but he’s the kind of person that for the most part ,I want to be, and so I admire him.

    Now, I normally don’t ship. I think it’s pretty lame. If I start watching a show regularly, I’ll often identify with the protagonist, and then if they’re single, I’ll quietly hope they get to hook up with the person they’re obviously supposed to (Jim & Pam, Dr. Cox & Jordan, etc.) but all of that is out of my mind almost as soon as the episode is over. Jeff and Annie consume me, and given the premise of the series, and knowing my personality, I should be fighting tooth and nail for Jeff and Britta. But I would hate to see them back together as anything more than good friends…while Jeff and Annie, I have actually read fanfic to try to scratch that itch where they finally get together and can be happy. And like shipping…I HATE fanfic. Conventions of Space and Time may have broken Community, but Community definitely broke ME.

    Fact of the matter is, these are some incredibly well written and acted characters. They’re practically alive…and Jeff and Britta just don’t belong together. Jeff and Annie DO. You mention the age gap in your list of points above…and I agree that Jeff can’t keep ignoring the chemistry they have. I also think that in a relative sense, the age gap is “closing.” Obviously, Annie will ALWAYS be the same number of years younger than Jeff as she was at the beginning, but they’ll matter less. 18 year old dating a 30 year old? CREEPY. 22 year old dating someone in their 30’s? Really not a big deal. I dated a girl in her 30’s when I was around that age. My mom had a fit, but I didn’t care. No one else did either.

    Over the course of the series, these two have grown together naturally, and even though I’ve only been a part of the “Community community” for a little less than a month, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good sense of the characters. Possibly even better than a lot of long-time, since I could watch them end to end without a break in between to allow feelings and thoughts about characters and situations to develop, thus giving a possibly warped lens to view events through.

    People who aren’t fond of J/A, or even pessimistic J/A shippers like to point out that Jeff hates the idea of marriage, or that Annie was just in love with the idea of being in love. To those, I’d say, as a man who has his own emotional repression issues, it’s been made pretty clear that Jeff’s are due in part at least to his daddy issues, and his all-consuming loneliness. Think about it…prior to the study group getting together, Jeff didn’t really have ANYONE in his life. That’ll make anyone build up some serious walls. We’ve seen evidence that Jeff’s walls are breaking down. He was able to admit to Annie that he wouldn’t be flirting if he were married to her. Big one. But, as supporting evidence, the episode where they’re filming the new commercial, and Dean Pelton goes a bit overboard. At the end…he’s a broken man, and he comes in and asks for forgiveness. With zero sarcasm, or bite, Jeff just says “yep,” and then offers him a hug. Season 1 Jeff never would have done that. He’s growing, and that means that his opinions on marriage might not always hold true, and we should keep that in mind when discussing the possibility of a long-term J/A ship. Annie’s confrontation with Jeff!Abed in the Dreamatorium? Annie realizes she’s in love with the idea of being in love/being loved. People like to say this means that she isn’t in love with Jeff, and maybe at that point, she wasn’t. But that doesn’t mean that once she’s realized her own inner feelings/motivations, that love can’t grow. Knowing the character of Annie, if she wasn’t able to start developing actual love for the REAL Jeff, and not just her idealized version of him after that point, she’d drop the whole thing asap. Now, this is assuming, of course, that the writers are developing her character honestly, and not planning on having her make a ton of OOC choices later on.

    But really, let’s look at the events from the start. I’m sure I’ll forget a few, but here goes.
    – The Debate Kiss
    – The Tranny Dance Kiss
    – Annie’s inability to keep her eyes off of Jeff playing pool nekkid
    – Annie dressing like a “professor” (Jeff had shown an interest in professors…)
    – Annie admitting her love in the Professor Professorson debacle, even though she claimed later she was just playacting, and went off script…it’s pretty obvious she wasn’t.
    – Picking each other as lab partners (prior to Annie realizing she’d have to do all the work…she was quite happy to be with Jeff)
    – Jeff wanting to keep Rich out of the study group due to jealousy, and Annie trying to bring him in, seemingly in part to provoke him to actually DO something
    – Jeff’s little daydream, where he and Annie declare they’re going to sleep together (sadly…didn’t happen that season, or even yet in the 4th, at least, as far as we know…but I’ll get to that.)
    – The alt timeline Jeff and Annies…who either get close to, or actually end up kissing. Presumably, if those timelines diverged from the Prime Timeline at the throw of the dice, then those feelings exist in the Prime Jeff and Annie too. They just need to express them, and NOT screw it up with protectiveness (which I thought was sweet, and my wife did too) or dad issues (dammit, Annie!)
    – Annie recruits Jeff to the Glee Club? My word…back when this show started, I’d never have pictured these two being together, let along so obviously. All without being “official.” But if Annie had seduced Abed or Troy the same way, or if it’d been Britta seducing Jeff, it’d be all wrong. If it was Jeff, it had to be Annie and vice versa. And I have to wonder what all went on in the room between the cut away and the next time we see Jeff…who has a BIG smile on his face.
    – Civil War…even though there’s a bit of hurt feelings when Annie finds out Jeff’s being Jeff, and isn’t loyal to either side, but just wants to keep the war going to keep from having to go to class, you get a definite sense of the texts being like letters between lovers in one of the older wars. Very well written, as I suspect that was the feel they were going for, even if the implication of (emotional) intimacy wasn’t intended…it was there.
    – The Dreamatorium: Annie is in love with the idealized Jeff, and in the idea of being loved, but that doesn’t invalidate her love…it just needs to be built upon now.
    – The wedding…Jeff looks in his heart, and among all the things we would expect to see, like cars, a drink, his phone…we see Annie. And her boobs. Multiple times. There’s one other woman in there, who I can’t identify, but I went through it frame by frame since I wanted to rule out Britta (the woman is a blonde.) It definitely isn’t Britta…I have to surmise that it’s either some famous model I’m unaware of, or possibly Joel McHale’s real wife as an inside joke/easter egg. Doesn’t really matter…Jeff loves Annie. He just has to express himself properly, and let his walls down a bit.

    Ok, now we’re in the 4th season, and I wanted to address these separately from the rest, since they’re a bit more complex, in my mind…and they’re kind of on the forefront of discussion.
    – Couples costumes? Sure, they didn’t quite get the message across to each other, but I have literally NEVER heard of a guy and a girl planning a couple costume if they weren’t “together.” Of course, my life experience is to everyone else, merely anecdotal, and non-authoritative, but it’s a red flag for me.
    – Going on a skiing trip together? You mentioned this in your article above…it’s not really something NON-couples do. At least, not the way they arranged it. If it’d been a non-couple thing, everyone would have been invited…but Jeff and Annie wanted to go skiing together, and everyone else going to a convention in the same area provided a good way to ride-share.
    – The chat after the jealousy in the hotel…you broke this one down fairly well above. Jeff and Annie are getting to the point where they can (at least semi) comfortably bear pieces of their souls to each other. They’re becoming “safe places” for each other, where each one knows that while the other may tease them, they won’t do it out of malice, or past the point where they can bear. Look at the Appletini bit…it was cute. I don’t think Jeff really minded ordering her one THAT much, but he HAD to put up a fight. Wouldn’t have been Jeff otherwise. But he loves her, and in the end, he’ll do it because he loves her. I think that’s an important distinction. When he gave in and went to order the Appletini, it was because he loved her. It wasn’t FOR her, it was for HIS love for her.
    – Christmas: Annie shows up early and starts decorating. I don’t recall her doing that when she took up residence in Casa Trobed, except for a gag in an end tag once. But Jeff’s place? She wants to put her touch on it, almost like marking her territory. Jeff HAS to put up token resistance about having to have a talk about playing house again, but you don’t get the sense that he actually minds. This is Jeff Winger, who very elaborately, and with quite a bit of ingenuity, faked being sick to avoid helping Annie move. If he had any problems with the house playing, at a minimum, he’d tell her to put the curtains up herself, or even go so far as to undo all of her decorating, because he liked his place as it was…but he didn’t. I get the feeling he liked the Anniezation of his place, if not for aesthetics, because he liked having something of HER in HIS domain. And let’s not forget the “romantic entanglements” line. On TV-Tropes, someone put “Annie’s glance is more schoolgirl-flirty, while Jeff is warily uncomfortable.” While I agree with their assessment of Annie, I think they were a bit pessimistic about Jeff. I think he was just looking at her. There may be some wariness, but he certainly didn’t look uncomfortable in my eyes.

    Anyway, I did those separately because my wife and I sat down and watched all of Season four in a single night. When the couples costume was mentioned, I said “So, uhhhh, couple’s costume…are they together now?” When they went on a ski trip, I had to say “They’re going on a skiing trip together, and are essentially sharing a room, they’re together now, right?” When the Mrs. Winger fantasy was spelled out to Jeff…”C’mon you two, stop dancing around the issue. You obviously BOTH want this!” Then finally, when the Christmas episode was up and she came over to decorate, I’d had enough. “You know what, you two? She’s coming over early to decorate? You’re a couple, make it official already!”

    There’s SO much chemistry between these two, it’s ridiculous not to just get it done with, and let them both be happy together. They’re both so incredibly good for each other too…I’d say that while they WILL get each other in trouble now and again, for the most part, they are overwhelmingly positive influences on each other. They are what the other needs.

    Let’s look at some other possibilities RIGHT quick though (I’m so sorry, this is even longer than I ever thought it might be.) Jeff and Britta? Been there, done that, bad idea. I admit, when Jeff first kissed Annie (Tranny Dance, Annie kissed Jeff at the debate, and even though there was some sexy flirting during prep, it seemed like it was a ploy to win, with a bonus of Annie really enjoying it,) I was opposed to it. Jeff was SUPPOSED to be with Britta. But as seasons went on, I realized that they’re MUCH better as good friends, and that any romantic relationship between them would be horribly destructive. Jeff and Annie? SO cute.

    How about Annie and Abed? This is one I’ve heard a fair amount about, but I also think is misguided. Yes, Annie has swooned when Abed has done Don Draper, Han Solo, and others…but never at Abed himself. Annie has proven to be attracted to the type of roguish anti-hero that Don, Han, and Jeff all are…so if Abed is imitating those…of course she’ll feel something. Just look at when the Dean “switched bodies with Jeff” and started acting like Jeff. It was great when Annie realized that she was attracted to the Dean-as-Jeff, and that something was VERY wrong about that. It’s exactly the same as Abed. She’s attracted to Abed-as-someone-else, but Abed-as-Abed is a brother. It probably doesn’t hurt that Danny Pudi is an amazing actor and very charismatic, so chemistry between them would probably be pretty natural, but it doesn’t fit with the characters.

    I’m going to wrap this up, and apologize again for the length. Please don’t be apprehensive about deleting this if you feel it’s appropriate. I’ve been rather arrogant taking someone else’s space for my own soapbox. Anyway, I think it’s pretty plain that Jeff and Annie, while initially not intended for each other, truly belong together. I’ve heard people say Community isn’t supposed to be about romantic relationships…and I can get behind that, but only if I point out that not being “about” romantic relationships doesn’t mean that they can’t happen. It just means that they shouldn’t be the central focus of the whole show. Honestly…the initial premise was that Jeff wanted to bang Britta…how is that not about a relationship? I think Jeff and Annie can develop perfectly find as a romantic couple as long at it doesn’t eat up too much of the rest of the show. Finding a mate and building a life is what happens…and THAT is what the show truly seems to be about. Finding your place in the world, and building your life, and if that includes finding a partner, then all the more power to you.

    So, let me just say, my hope is, if more Community is made (we’ll know about season 5 very soon, fingers-crossed,) that they allow Jeff and Annie to get together early on, and let their relationship grow from there, and THEN give them a happily ever after in the series finale. Not just have the finale say “Oh, hey, let’s be together now.” Let us see a bit of their life together, whether we get a fifth season, a sixth season, or #sixseasonsandamovie. It’s not a crime to have a happy ending, and I’d love to see as much of one as I can for these two.

    1. Thanks for the reply! And don’t worry about this being tl;dr… as you can see from my original post, I’m pretty much the same way, too. Anyway, thanks for the reply, and it’s a good reminder for me to catch up on Community soon. (I’ve got the last 4 eps on my DVR, waiting to be watched, but real life sorta is keeping me away from it.)

      And don’t worry about being a grown-ass man who’s into shipping… I’m in my 30’s, and not only do I read the fanfic *whispers* I write it too */whispers*

      1. Well, here’s a shout back more than a month later…and guess what? I’ve KINDA gotten into writing it too. I expect J/A will be my only shipping fandom ever, but it’s sure a compelling one…and you can see my writing over at http://vainhopes.livejournal.com/

        I mention this because I’m also doing a non-fanfic, season-by-season analysis of the Jeff & Annie moments, and even though I’m a LONG ways off, I’d like your ok to link to this article when I get to Season 4, as supplemental information. If not, that’s cool, but I figured I’d ask first.

        Big developments recently…I guess we’ll see what happens with Harmon back in charge. Fingers crossed.

      2. I am totally cool with you linking up to this post!

        And yeah, Season 5 is going to be an interesting one. As I understand it, Harmon’s not going to dismiss Season 4, so it’s going to be interesting to see where he takes things. I think that despite his absence, the showrunners were still working off the general outline of how he imagined the season would progress. So major plot elements, which were planted in earlier seasons, were pretty much the way it would’ve been. The difference was the execution.

        I also hope to see a return of the Russo brothers. I know they’re working on the Captain America sequel, but hopefully they’ll be back for Season 5. I love their cinematography … and also, Joe Russo was pretty much the biggest Jeff/Annie shipper in the cast. 🙂

  2. Awesome, much thanks. If you look at the one post I have up thus far in my analytical series…you’ll see the stupid level of detail I go into, and so, it’ll be awhile before I make it to this point, but I’ve just had this tab open since I first commented (I’m bad about closing tabs I may want to revisit later) and finally got around to closing it.

    Honestly, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic. Harmon DID say he wasn’t blanking Season 4, and as of the end of Season 3, which was the last time he was in charge…he was pretty clearly pushing Troy and Britta together, and leaving Jeff and Annie open-ended, but definitely interested. Hopefully now that he’s back, he’ll just decide that 4 years is long enough, and he can pull the freaking trigger already.

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    wonderful analysis of this episode! It was one of the first J/A meta pieces I found after boarding the ship as an OTP and I still simply adore this post and I can’t wait for S6 since the S5 finale pressed the trigger for them, yay! 😀 ❤

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