Fantasy Football Finals

Whoo! First year of doing fantasy football, and my team — the Primrose Everdeens — are in the finals! The team is facing the Irish Gringos. This will prove to be a heck of match-up. A tale of the tape!

The Primrose Everdeens

QB Payton Manning
RB1 Alfred Morris
RB2 Knowshon Moreno
WR1 Roddy White
WR2 Pierre Garcon
TE Tony Gonzalez
FLEX DeMarco Murray
D/ST Broncos
K Dan Carpenter

LeSean McCoy
Mike Wallace
Eli Manning
Marques Colston
Owen Daniels
Steven Jackson
Anquan Boldin

Irish Gringo

QB Drew Brees
RB1 Adrian Peterson
RB2 Frank Gore
WR1 Steve Smith
WR2 Reggie Wayne
TE Jermaine Gresham
FLEX Stevan Ridley
D/ST Patriots
K Stephen Gostkowski

Hakeem Nicks
Matt Ryan
Malcom Floyd
Matt Schaub
Matt Bryant
Fred Jackson
Matellus Bennett

I think I got Irish Gringo beat in the wide receiver, tight end, defense, and kicking positions. The tricky one are the QB and running back spots. The combination of Adrian Peterson and Frank Gore is probably going to trump any combination I have of Morris, Jackson, Moreno, and Murray. I’m sticking with Moreno for now, since the Broncos have clinched their division and are probably going to rest Manning for now.

So… should I start Eli over Payton? Eli’s been struggling lately, and Payton has been very reliable the entire season. However, at the end, I image that the Broncos will want to rest their starting QB. Brees is going to be a pain to try and top. I’m considering picking up Russell Wilson from waivers. Seahawks need to secure a wild card, so I imagine the team will be more motivated the final two games.


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