A thought: let’s rename the state “Olympus”

A main consternation about living in the state of Washington is having to deal with the name. I have no idea what the state planners were thinking. I don’t know what President Millard Fillmore the House of Representatives was thinking. The original proposed name was “Columbia”. That idea was nixed because there might be some confusion with the District of Columbia.

So… they decided to go with “Washington” instead? Because … that’s not confusing at all. Especially when the capital of the United States is already named Washington.

Look, I love George, and I think he deserves his spot of Mount Rushmore for the monumental job of having to establish the protocol for being the President of the United States. But really it’s kinda sad when you have to continually refer to the state as “Washington state” because otherwise relatives are going to be wondering when they can come over and visit the White House.

So here’s my proposal: let’s go Greek. Let’s change the name of the state to “Olympus.” There’s a precedent here. The Olympic Range, including Mt. Olympus, are already wholly contained in the state. We love our mountains. There’s one on the license plate. (Though that’s Mt. Rainier, and it’s in the Cascade Range.) It’s got fine mythical connotations we can use in all of our stationary. Not to mention there are tons of businesses in the area already named “Olympic” this and that.

I understand that this would be a lot of paperwork, and perhaps more cost than the taxpayers can bear, but think of future generations who must always be confused when people as if they can see the Washington Monument from their house or not.


8 thoughts on “A thought: let’s rename the state “Olympus”

  1. I meant to type the “District of Columbia.” and as far as current states that could stand a name change, Indiana, Mississippi (state not river,) Ohio (state not river,) Michigan (state not lake,) anything with “North,” “South” or “West” in it’s name, and while we are at it, anything with “New” in it’s name. it can be said with some certainty that relatively little thought went in to naming any of the aforementioned.

  2. Honestly, I really don’t like that Washington’s name is ‘Washington’. With all due respect of George Washington, he had no connection to the area that later became the state, never visited it, and given that he disliked proposals to name Washington, DC, after him, probably wouldn’t like knowing there is a state named for him.

    Some other names that I personally like area ‘Cascadia’, ‘Skamania’ or ‘Okanagan’.

  3. Other ideas include Wacheeton or Washeeton (Chinook enunciations) or Walla Walla. It is similar to how Kuki Airani is another name for the Cook Islands. Kuki being the Maori enunciation of Cook. Same name, but different enunciation.

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