Update on the Primrose Everdeens of the Pigskin & Pozole League

Things have been fairly rough for the Primrose Everdeens this year. Despite a fairly solid weekend, thanks to the stellar play of both Tight End Tony Gonzalez of the Atlanta Falcons and the entire Denver Broncos defense, the team is standing at a sad 5-5, three games before the post-season.

Ahead of me are the Vallejo Mexi Cans (projected 6-4), The OB Regal Seagulls (who I’m gonna beat, but are going to be 6-4), and Team Logan (also 6-4). Joining me at 5-5 is my brother in law with Team Ivory. I’ve got slightly more points, though, so it looks like I’ll be slipping into the 4th position in the championship round if things go well. And then they shall know the name: Primrose Everdeens!

So some things I learned while playing this year:

1.) I have three Pittsburgh Steelers on my team (Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Isaac Redman). It is a terrible feeling having to root for them… though I have no problem tonight, because screw you, Kansas City.

2.) Having two WR’s on the same team (Wallace and Brown) causes no end to heartache over who to play, because one will inevitably rob catches from another. I supposed I could play both, but that assumes I don’t also have Roddy White (a must play every game) and Marques Colston (frequently brilliant) also on my team.

3.) Tony Gonzalez has saved the day more than I could count.

4.) I made a decision by Game 4 that Eli Manning was bad luck, and his brother, Payton, was the guy I really should be playing every game. I have not regretted that decision. (Even when Payton had the bye, I opted, instead, for by other back-up: Andrew Luck.)

5.) It’s really, really hard to explain the concept of Fantasy Football to anyone.

6.) I ain’t benching Jason Hanson. I’ve met the guy in real life, and he’s solid. Kickers may a zero-sum game in the long run, but Jason Hanson’s my man.

7.) Curse you, ESPN, for convincing me to bench Fred Jackson this week. CURSE YOU!


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