First step in America

I wrote a little poem the other day about emigrating America. In it, I tried to describe from memory a photograph when I first set foot in Chicago O’Hare back in 1980. I thought to myself, “Well, I probably have that photo somewhere, huh?”

And here it is.

It kind of odd that probably for everyone else in that airport it was just a routine day. Going on vacation, heading off on a business trip, maybe even seeing a relative in another state. For me, though, this was one of the clearest demarkation points in my life. The Philippines was no longer my home. This large, cold, and alien world now was.


2 thoughts on “First step in America

    1. A little. 🙂 Mostly it brings to mind what would happen if we hadn’t left the Philippines, and how life would be different. The chances are that I probably wouldn’t have a Masters Degree or work at a large multi-national corporation. Maybe I’d be working at a call center or tend the family shop like some of my relative back there. Who knows? It sends me into daydreams more than anything else.

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