Thoughts on Instagram

So I just got on Instagram, and I am liking it, a lot.

But what is its purpose, really? To make all pictures look like they’re cutouts from magazines circa 1960’s to 1970’s? Or to make images look like faded album covers? We’ve now reached an era where a cellphone can snap pictures at high resolution, and yet for some reason there’s a part of us that wants to make it look as lo-fi as possible. Heck, one of the options to modify your picture is “lo-fi.”

Now, I’m not going to dispute that there isn’t some value making my vacation photos from Orlando, FL, look like they’re straight out of the boxes of my childhood film stash, or recently rescued from the sticky, yellowed pages of photo albums past. But why does it hold such appeal? Is it all nostalgia? Or does the instant aging of the photos create a mental separation, and illusion as it is, from our reality to a glowing past somewhere that doesn’t exist?



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