DC’s new 52: Grifter — not really Sawyer from Lost

I’m a little disappointed in Grifter.

I’m one of those people who was not a big fan of WildC.A.T.s when it first came out. I got it solely because of Jim Lee’s art, but when the first story arc wrapped up, I just could not be driven to pick up any follow-ups. The story was bland, the characters were uninteresting, and the villains — the Daemonites — were ultra generic. Cyberforce was where it was it. Heck, Youngblood had more personality.

But I still picked up Grifter. Why? Because everyone seemed to pitch it as “Sawyer from Lost as a superhero.” Now THAT’S a concept I can get behind!

Unfortunately, we’re only on hand to see one con, and we rarely get to see Grifter charm anyone, which is what you expect a comic about a superhero Sawyer should be about, right? Instead, he acts all crazy after he starts hearing voices, gets pegged as a terrorist by the government, and goes underground, breaking all ties from people he knew.

Also, those voices he’s hearing… are Daemonites!

… eh.

I’m not sticking around for this one unless Grifter turns on his southern charm and does way more grifting and way less William Shatner seeing gremlins on the wing of the plane.


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