Some thoughts on Transformers: Dark of the Moon

My wife roped me into watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon this weekend. I think she’s under an impression that since I have no less than ten Transformers from various lines and eras cluttering up my bookshelf — plus two extra Transformers in my work cube — that the movie would be right up my alley. Not really. The last movie really dampened my enthusiasm of the entire movie venture, and I sorta did the death march, going into the movie but not saying anything bad because someone was doing something nice for me.

Fortunately, I thought the movie was alright. I’m actually right there with David Willis: I thought the movie was an improvement over the previous one. The robots story were at least given equal face time as the humans (which, I think, everyone can agree is horrible). The stakes were ramped up to apocalyptic proportions.

But best of all, the 3D did a great job in communicating the size, scale, and heft of the robots. One of my biggest problems with the first movie was that when the robots clashed, it was hard to separate out who was punching who, with the sheer amount of metal pieces and gears and explosions cluttering the screen. The 3D here provided a lot of separation. You did get the feel of being in the presence of giant hulking machines. The team used the same 3D crew as the ones of Avatar, and it shows.

While it wasn’t a great movie, and while it did drag at the end, I thought it was well worth your money to watch.


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