How I loved, then hated, then loved Apple: A short tale

I bought a pricey MacBook Pro last weekend. It was fairly pricey, in the $1800 range, but my old 2004 Powerbook G4 was dying. I needed a laptop. I went through 3 Best Buys in the area before I got the one I wanted. I was happy. I love Macs.

But then, yesterday, Apple released their new MacBook Pro. An i7 processor instead of an i5, 280 GB more memory, something called Thunderbolt for faster hook-ups (I have no idea what this is for.) And I was sad. For I felt ripped off.

But fortunately Best Buy had that nice 14-day return policy. My brother-in-law gave me some scary stories (“They have a 10% restocking fee! OoooOOoOoOo!”), but really, there was no fee, and the Best Buy folks were supercool about it. Plus, the Best Buy I went to ended up having a slightly lower local tax, so I saved enough money to get a pack of coffee filters, too.

The brand-spankin’ newest MacBook Pros and a pack of coffee filters? I love you, Mac! And I love you, Best Buy! (At least the awesome dudes in the Everett, WA, area. Major props.)


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