Charting the rise and fall of expectations from a Seahawks fan

The story thus far:

Pre-Season: the Seahawks release their best player, TJ Houshmenzadeh, and decide to make their number one guy notorious draft bust Mike Williams (who last played for the Lions). Plus, Pete Carroll replaces Jim Mora, Jr., as head coach under bizarre circumstances, some stemming from corruption at USC.

Early Fan reaction: Well, this year is sunk. But at least tickets will be cheap.

Week 1: Seahawks beat the 49ers, supposedly the lock to win the NFC West.

Early Fan reaction: Oh my God! Pete Carroll is a genius!

Week 2: Seahawks lose to Denver.

Early Fan reaction: Same old Seahawks. But no one wins in the high altitude, especially when it’s like 100 degrees outside. Matt’s looking old, huh?

Week 3: Seahawks beat the Chargers. New guy Leon Washington torches the special teams with two kick off returns for touchdowns.

Early Fan reaction: Well, offense sucks, but dammit, we’re going to win on defense and special teams! Yes!

Week 4: Seahawks lose to the Rams … for the first time in 4 years.

Early Fan reaction: We lost to the RAMS?!?!? (Week passes.) Who lost to the LIONS by 38 points?!?!??! What’s going on here? That’s it. Shame on me for getting my expectations up.

Week 5: Deion Branch gets sent back to New England after Randy Moss is traded to Minnesota.

Early Fan reaction: OK, that leaves us with zero receivers. I guess it was a rebuilding season after all.

Week 6: Seahawks beat the 4-1 Bears in Soldier Field, relying on the brand new run offense helmed by former college roommates Justin Forsett and Marshawn Lynch. Also, they let Devin Hester run all over them with 2 minutes to go … but what the hey, the guy was due.

Early Fan reaction: A win over a one loss team, an actual running game, Okung is back and successfully defended against Julius Peppers, AND Matt Hasselbeck gets referenced on South Park! Best week ever!!!!!!

Anyway, it’s been a fun season so far … perhaps the most fun I’ve witnessed yet. You just never know what’s going to happen next week. Will we get beat by Max Hall and the Arizona Cardinals at Qwest Field in two days? Who knows? That’s half the fun.


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