Unus the Untouchable

If you’re a comic fan and a fan of old school X-Men, you owe it to yourself to read this excellent post by Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese) about Unus the Untouchable. Yes, that guy. With that name.

An excerpt:

Let’s get the obvious, inevitable juvenile stuff out of the way before we get into any unforeseen juvenile nonsense: You know who this is, right? And you know his name, right? Yeah, that name.

Unus. Unus The Untouchable.

I’m sure every Real Frantic Marvelite Zombie has called this idiot Anus The Untouchable at one time or another. I mean, could it even be helped? We’re all human (except for those lizard people who run the world, but let’s be reasonable here, folks) and sometimes these things can’t be helped, even if we’re trying our best to act civilized and upper class like the appalled gentry in the “Would you please pass the jelly?” Polaner All-Fruit Spread commercial. It can’t just be me that eyeballed the name “Unus” for the first time and immediately saw that “U” morph into an “A”, leading to a giggle fit. It can’t be just me who wondered just what the hell Smilin’ Stan and Jolly Jack were thinking.


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