Loving the new Hawaii Five-O

You know, I had my doubts like the rest of you about the new Hawaii Five-0. But after seeing the second episode, I’m loving it. First, they went with the old school intro theme, which was a relief since the techno mix circulating around the net was awful and was met with the appropriate amount of disdain. A mix that’s very close to The Ventures original? Thumbs up.

Secondly, it’s only the second episode but the cast is starting to gel. I found the McGarrett/Dano bickering tiresome in the original ep. But the antagonism paid off in two scenes: the first when Dano was comforting the kid in the elevator after he witnessed the cops storm in with guns drawn, and the second when McGarrett was dangling the perp from the roof. Suddenly, we understand the difference: Dano is about compromise and peaceful resolution, while McGarrett is Batman. I like this dynamic.

Finally, this show isn’t shy about doing goofy humor, which is definitely a sweet throwback to the late 70’s-early 80’s police dramas. This isn’t going to be a grim-n-gritty CSI type show. Instead, while there’s mafioso and terrorists to be booked, Dano, there’s also fun to be had in Hawaii … like giving candy as payment to a top-notch computer hacker or Dano chafing at the “Book ’em, Dano” line.

Overall, much to like. Hawaii Five-0 has easily graduated to the “fun and watchable” shows that I’m tuning into every week, alongside Undercovers and The Mentalist.


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