Leeeeoooon Washington!

Thanks for saving that game for us, Leon Washington. You and your newly reconstructed leg got us a 27-20 victory over San Diego. Awesome game.

Incidentally, I have to hand it to the Chargers fans. For the most part, very classy fellas. We sat in Row D and befriended a few of them. One nice older guy told us he’s here to enjoy a clean game, and he never boos for the other team (the Seahawks in this case) because that’s just not what he does. Hey, I love you too man. As payback, I decided not to boo the Chargers at all during the game.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t add my little voice to the 12th Man chorus to help screw up the Chargers offense. Those two consecutive false starts? GLORIOUS.

The Offense needs help, but … you know what? Plenty of teams have gotten far with a mediocre offense. Hell, the Steelers are playing without a QB, and Cassel isn’t exactly igniting the Chiefs, and yet they’re both 3-0. Hasselbeck’s not getting much help from the OL, but you know what? He’s our best chance to take the Division title.

As always, fun game, fun times, Qwest Field is fun again now that the 12th Man is back, GO SEAHAWKS!


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