CAD Fan Arts

The SA Forum CAD Haters are the worst Haters of All. Why? Because their CAD Hate can quite easily be mistake for CAD Love. Observe:

CAD’s holy trinity.

The Players!

Oh, Lilah.

Ever wondered what Abby’s home-life was like?

A little something for the Ethan/Abby shippers…

… and for the rare Abby/Christian shippers out there.

Ethan and Lilah’s meet-cute. Awwww!

“Loss,” with 100% more actual sadness.

If Christian actually looked like this, would Lilah ever even consider staying with Ethan?

And finally, what ever happened to Scott?

So there you go. Something Awful goons… basically the worst CAD haters ever. Truly, you ARE the CAD fans.


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