The Hard Knock Life: This is Annie?

For some reason, I love Little Orphan Annie. I love the movie (which I understand was voted as one of the worst movies the year it came out) and I love the Broadway musical. For some reason, I have it set in my mind that Annie is some sort of world traveling adventurer in the mold of Tintin or Johnny Quest, except much more optimistic about everything. That really appeals to me.

Do you know what’s not so great? The actual Annie comic strip. I have never read the originals, so I have no idea if world-adventurer Annie exists in those copies. All I know is that she doesn’t exist in the current strip … because she’d never there. I know it’s called “Annie,” but, seriously, the most you ever see of her anymore is in the saucy logo on the upper left corner. I mean … what the what?

About the corner logo: I do like Annie’s modern day makeover. The clown hair was getting to be much. Plus the blue jeans are a more sensible option for adventuring.

Unfortunately, not only does Annie not appear in her own strip, it seems that adventuring is not much the order for the day either. I mean, take out the Annie logo and ask yourself: is this so much different from The Hurt Locker? I pity the poor kids coming back from a rousing performance of Annie, only to check out the Sunday funnies and find their fragile little minds plunged into the geo-political realities of chemical warfare.


One thought on “The Hard Knock Life: This is Annie?

  1. 8/5/10…
    Yeah, I remember the Annie strip from when I was a kid (late ’80s/early ’90s) being exactly about wandering-the-world adventuring, like you mentioned… Different writer/artist, too… Too bad about the changes (I liked her traditional look, btw, but then I’m old-fashioned)… And now it’s been cancelled, or so I hear. Lousy way for a great iconic series to go out.

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