Crackpot Current LOST Theories

We’re going to have to run into Ben at the Alterna-verse at some point. The guy’s going to be running the butcher shop where we saw him store Locke’s body in Season 5. He’s also going to be married to an irascible Frenchwoman (who used to be a scientist on an expedition that found absolutely nothing). He’s also going to be overprotective of an embarrassed stepdaughter, who’s upset her dad won’t let her see her boyfriend.

Don’t forget the picture of the dog in Jacob’s cabin. That’s the key… Vincent is Jacob. This is why Dogen was looking so forlornly at the baseball last episode: he used to play fetch with Jacob, but now that Jacob is dead he has no one to go to the park with to get his exercise.

Dogen is also Bai Ling’s dad. This is why Jack’s tattoo is so important: it’s actually a map to the super-secret place on the island that will bring the timelines together. Meanwhile, several Lost fans with cry in anguish that “Stranger in a Strange Land” is not the key episode to the entire series.


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