Best LOST Blog Ever

You know, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelhoff mentioned in interviews that this season of LOST can easily be followed by first-time viewers. After seeing two episodes, I have a hard time believing that to be anywhere close to true.

Additional proof? This blog, whose premise is entirely encapsulated in its title: The Final Season of LOST as Seen By Someone Who Has Never Seen LOST.

This is, seriously, essential reading for LOST fans everywhere… right up there with the AV Club recaps and EW’s Totally Lost blog.


4 thoughts on “Best LOST Blog Ever

    1. I personally liked it. I like that they didn’t make things clear cut or close all the loops. I sort of enjoy that Lost only answered the big questions, but left several interpretations open for years to come.

  1. Last episode of LOST??? I thought it they were just coming attractions thrown in between ALL THE COMMERCIALS.

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