The Michael Jackson Conspiracy

Is the King of Pop still alive? Observe the facts:

  • Michael Jackson was clearly an Elvis man. Observe his short lived yet highly publicized marriage to Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley. observe how he seemed to live to anger the Beatles — Elvis’ rivals in American consciousness — with the purchase of their music rights. Why not disappear like Elvis? Rumors persist to this day that Elvis did not die, but instead disappeared into a private life free of the publicity. Jackson, being a private man, longed for the same thing. Did he disappear like his idol?
  • After spending his life transforming his appearance from a young black man into what looks like a facsimile of a white woman, I think we can safely say that Jackson was a master of biological transformations. And he did this in a few short years. The Jackson of “Bad” looks nothing like the Jackson of “Beat It.” Do we even know what the real Michael Jackson looks like today? The man kept his face hidden under veils, sunglasses, and handkerchiefs for the last three years. Could it be he was hiding yet another transformation?
  • And wouldn’t someone with his resources and ties to the plastic surgery industry have to capacity to alter a corpse to at least look similar to a person we might identify as Michael Jackson?
  • Jackson was to go touring in London in July 13 this year for his comeback tour. It’s well known that Jackson was also a fan of Peter Pan, which is set in London. If you were to disappear, wouldn’t it be very convenient to disappear to Neverland rather than going to boring, mundane London (no offense to the Londoners)?
  • It was reported Jackson was in dire financial straits, having just recently lost Neverland Ranch. However, from Wikipedia: “Less than four months before Jackson’s death one of his biographers, Ian Halperin, revealed that Jackson had a secret library of over 100 unreleased songs which he planned to release after his death to support his children.” So Jackson would have a motive for disappearing, but is it enough to kill yourself? What if you faked death, left your kids a huge windfall from people who are now grieving over your death, while you hide out in the Bahamas?

Needless to say, if you’ve seen someone who you think might be Michael Jackson hiding out from the paparazzi, please post your findings here!


9 thoughts on “The Michael Jackson Conspiracy

  1. Oh, I’ve passed this along. I like the London angle. I’ve gotten a couple more notes here and there and added some to the original post.

  2. Yeah I think you are right, I have seen that when the world heard of Michael Jackson’s death in about 2 hours sold out of his albums and face book ,google went down for 40 minutes because it was overloaded. And the record stores are selling out of his dvd’s, c.d”s etc all around the world. Then the strangest thing is the father Joe Jackson got the furniture removal company to collect the furniture from his rented mansion. Also here is a question why would his father and sister Janet Jackson turn up at the BET Awards like nothing has happened? I know that we as humans morn in different ways but if my brother or son died I will be by his side and be at home not going to the BET Awards. See because you have to look at it Michael Jackson knows a lot of famous and rich people. I see it that he Michael Jackson was in debt of say 500 million. I wouldn’t be surprised that he and the Jackson family and Sony & the promoters AEG LIVE that we promoting the 50 concerts in London. Would of all worked out a deal to make out that Michael Jackson is dead. Then Sony will make millions on all the sales and the promoters make there money back. Michael Jackson can pay back the debt of 500 million. Then he can still live off the royalties from the sale of his albums. Also I have noticed 2 days after he died there was an auction that was auctioning off a shirt that if he was alive it would of just sold for $6000 but after his death it sold for $200,000 so that’s a 500% mark up good investment. Also why is it that they say he died of a heart attack when his personal doctor Dr. Conrad Murray is a cardiologist shouldn’t he know straight away that Michael Jackson was having a heart attack. Well very , very strange. I was wondering if anyone else was thinking about all these strange events

    1. yeah it seems very strange go to and you watch the title of the jackson memorial preps and you see him in a black outfit with black sunglasses and a black mouth cover over it and he is walking by the camera, how could he be there if all those people were at the place 2 days before

    2. when michael jackson was talking he sounded different from when he showed the lalma rides and his singing and he might be two different people

  3. pooooooooorrrr people everytime like you people think that elvis did not die michael jackson , james brown, JFK, lincoln,tupac,biggy, really i sprising from like this people they tired them self to teach others that they didn`t die hahahahahah what amazing brain you have so keep run from behind them maybe somday youll see them in hell lolllllz

  4. let it go!!! he’s dead and so what if he ain’t dead??? atlist he’s got a plan on how he gona feed his self for a couple more years…die also if u like…die for real

  5. You’re going to have to let go some time. I know it’s hard to but this is what we call life. The greatest entertainer the world has ever seen is gone. WOW!!!!!!! At first I didn’t know what to say or do. I felt like I lost a brother or something you know. (Same thing happen when biggie and pac died)

  6. Does any1 know where might be a posible place where MJ or EP might be hiding out?! I mean that would probably happen, if they’re both still alive.

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