Profile on Geeky Bands: Previously On Lost

Want to know how to instantly lose friends and alienate people? Put on an album from a novelty band called Previously On Lost.

Download album tracks from “The Tale of Season 4 and the Oceanic Six” at

This band plays “recap rock” … a tongue-in-cheek terminology. And they sound awful. Every song is sung in comedic falsetto, every note out of tune, and every track infused with terrible musical cues … like kazoos.

HOWEVER… as a Lost fan, I love their lyrics. Check out this excerpt from the one with my favorite title, “The Ballad of Sayid Jarrah” (based on “The Economist” episode):

Oh he’s got her down, gonna shoot her boss, single cross
When she shot first, now he’s at a loss, double cross
Then he get her back with the special sauce, triple cross!

And it ends with Sayid doing the worm on a car … at least lyrically.

Previously On Lost is most successful with “Move It!” (based on the “Cabin Fever” episode) It starts off as some circus pipe-organ music, but morphs appropriately into a ’70 disco dance. That’s where you can ignore the cutesy falsetto voices… because when you’re doing a Bee Gees homage, it’s sorta appropriate. Also, I love these lyrics.

Passed up chances to go to Portland to fit in
No school dances the girls would only laugh at him
Couldn’t be the broken superhero nor the quarterback
From an incubator you’d become the leader of the pack

Epic stuff right there. Also love the mid song spoken words referring to Abaddon: “I just found out I was so much more than an orderly!”

The rest of the album is sort of a mixed bag. “The Island Won’t Let You Die” starts off rather annoying, but the chorus is a bit of a charmer. “Bff” (or “Best Found Friends”) has a few vocal cues that bring a smile on my face. (Charles Widmore will always be “The Wid-meister” to me now.) “Male Role Model,” a song from baby Aaron’s perspective that sums up the parental advantages of most of the male characters, is done in faux country style; not bad, but one that I tend to skip on repeat viewings.

All in all, it’s kinda fun … though I’m seriously at a loss on how you’d introduce these songs to ANYONE, Lost fans included. I almost wish there was a “Previously On Lost” tribute band that could make the music sound better.


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