Ah, the Grey Cup

Time to be a dirty American.

This year, I finally got to see the Grey Cup. Quite a treat since it was airing stateside on The Versus Network this year (formerly the Outdoor Life Network, home of bass fishing and random ATV races; now home of mainly Tour de France and some MMA show or whatever). Oddly enough, it does not air on CBC, which was a bit of a surprise since I’m told it’s the largest single day event in Canada. (The Grey Cup airs on CBC.)

Thoughts on the telecast:

1.) That chicken logo the Montreal Alouettes are displaying has got to go. The eyebrows are creepin’ me out.

2.) Speaking of which, who names their team after a chicken? Goes a long way to explaining the winner of the 96th Grey Cup.

3.) I tuned in at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. After about 10 minutes, my wife was begging me to change the channel.

4.) She was also not a fan of the half-time show, which was sub-American football. I corrected her and told her it was more sub-Thanksgiving Day half-time show.

5.) You know, Quebec IS the home of the Cirque du Soleil. So… what was with the low rent gymnastics kids?

6.) We weren’t a fan of the halftime show, either, which was filled with a bunch of who-dat’s, at least from an American POV. For comparison, Wikipedia says past acts included Lenny Kravitz, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, and The Guess Who. I feel like I got gypped.

7.) On the uni front, I thought the Stamps dressed better… though I thought both unis were pretty awful. Very Arena League if you ask me. Despite looking a lot like the Green Bay Packers, I thought the Edmonton Eskimos have the best outfits in the CFL. They also have the dude with the best QB name in history: Ricky Ray.

8.) Why were there so many Saskatchewan Roughriders fans in the halftime show crowd, by the way?

9.) Kinda nerdy, but the fellow who brought the Clone Troopers helmet in Roughriders colors was pretty cool.

10.) The three down rule does make the game faster, but I sorta miss watching running plays. You pretty much have to throw, throw, throw all the time. Plus, I have no idea how that scoring system works when the ball goes out of bound in the end zone. Too much math in an already confusingly-scored sport.

11.) Oh, Canada. The only place where someone wears a hockey jersey to a football game.

So, in all, I only got to watch parts of the 2nd quarter, the half-time show, and the post-game celebration. Mainly because the wife didn’t want to watch, but also because there were some awesome NFL games going on as well. Sorry, my Canadian friends.

If it makes you feel better, I thought the actual Grey Cup itself looked uber-swank.


3 thoughts on “Ah, the Grey Cup

  1. Yea, the NFL is so much better. Running plays for 2 yards are so thrilling to watch…oh, but I know…ONE a game might break for 20 yards!

    But at least you have the fair catch rule, because watching guys run back punts for TDs in the CFL is sooo boring…more exciting to watch a guy wave his hand and just catch the ball.

    And for sure that 6-3 game the other day in the NFL was a thriller.

    And in terms of scoring…the rules are the same in both leagues, except the CFL allows teams to concede a single point on a kick into the endzone…but I guess for moron NFL fans like yourself addition with 1 is too difficult!


  2. LOL that is true we NFL fans are pretty much morons!

    Of course, I find that the simpler the rules are, the more fans they tend to accumulate. NFL scoring is ridiculous complex enough already. This may go a long way to explaining why football — the soccer variety — is embraced worldwide. Kick ball in net, one point.

  3. TSN bought the rights to air the CFL which is why it is not on CBC anymore and with the Sask Roughrider fans. Well you can find at least one of us any almost any sports event. CFL kicks ass!!!

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