Thoughts on New Jack City

So, last weekend, I watched the last hour of 1991’s New Jack City on BET. I remember this movie being quite controversial when I was a kid for its violence. It also stars some guys who had street cred back in the day, namely Ice T and Wesley Snipes (and … Chris Rock?!?!?)

After watching Wesley Snipes sashay in outfits that look like they were designed for large church ladies, I had to ask the question: how come no one suspected that the man was possibly a space alien?

I mean, Snipe’s house had the weird triangular windows and a swiveling triangular captain’s chair installed in his office. And then, of course, his absolutely questionable taste in fashions and hairstyles. Could no one see that Ice T dressed up in dreadlocks, shades, and a trench coat to infiltrate the organization because that’s how aliens dress?

Seriously, everyone rags on 80’s fashion. We’re only touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tragedy of early 90’s urban wear. Mike Nelson, if you’re reading this, make this a Rifftrax.


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