Roger Ebert: Wrestling Smark?

So I was browsing the Chicago Sun-Times site and came up to a review Roger Ebert recently did on “300.”  He’s going back to review the movies he missed while he was hospitalized.  It’s odd how he probably wouldn’t have done this ten years ago.  Everything’s on DVD now, though, so when a man of high regard like Roger Ebert gives an opinion, it’s valid now as it was years ago.

Ebert’s review of Frank Miller’s 300.

There’s one comment, though, that struck me as odd.  Ebert says the characters sound like pro-wrestlers, “touting the big showdown between Edge and The Undertaker.”


This actually surprises me coming from a guy like Ebert.  Edge and The Undertaker are main eventer, true, and they do have a big match coming up at Summerslam.  But Edge is hardly a household name.  Is Ebert a wrestling smark?

Personal theory: the World’s Most Respected Movie reviewer had a lot of time to watch TV while he was recovering at home.


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