So everyone and their mother is salivating over a potential Celtics-Lakers match-up in the NBA. Not me. I’m a Detroit homer. Pistons all they way, baby. And I hate the Lakers enough to make me want to root for the San Antonio (even if Detroit has a better track record in the finals vs. the Lakers than they do vs. the Spurs). So give me a Pistons-Spurs final any day! And with Detroit handing Boston its first ever loss at home in the finals, things may be look up! C’mon, Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker — beat the Lakers tonight! Let’s have a second battle of the NBA’s most underappreciated teams! Screw the haters!

Jemele Hill of ESPN, by the way, has an excellent article of why we should we be rooting for this particular match-up:

Root for Pistons-Spurs!

Anyway, this is the greatest Final Four the NBA has had in a long time, so what can you do but sit back and enjoy the show?


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