Sweet ass retro custom figures

Wow. I just ran across a forum post by a fellow who goes by the handle of “glorbes.” Apparently, he does custom action figures. But … he doesn’t just do custom figures, he blesses them with his own retro touch. Check these babies out:

Flash and Captain Cold
Flash and Captain Cold

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman in ancient armor

Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Fate, The Sandman
The Justice Society: Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Fate, and The Sandman

Blue Beetle
The Blue Beetle, looking very much like a pulp hero

Han Solo and Chewbacca
The original concept art for Hans Solo and a re-imagined Chewbacca

Check out Iron-Cow Prod. for more of these Glorbes customs. There are several other gems in there, including an Adam West Batman, a Victorian-era Blade, and a female Luke Skywalker.


One thought on “Sweet ass retro custom figures

  1. That Wonder Woman is awesome. I find full armor like that to be much sexier than the usual fantasy armor that female warriors are usually clad in and show more skin than it actually protects.

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