Condolences for Avs fans (from a Wings fan)

I’m not posting to rub salt in wounds. I just have to say that the Avs-Wings series was one of the least satisfying wins I’ve seen.

It didn’t seem fair. The Avs were crippled going into the series. The first round, I almost exclusively watched the Minnesota Wild-Colorado Avalanche series, mainly because it was the most brutal of all the first round match-ups. Now I see that it really knocked the wind out of the Avs.

Some of the post-game interviews with the Wings players seemed rather apologetic. Like they wanted to beat the Avs, but not like that. And it’s an inglorious way to end the Sakic era, should he decide to retire.

Again, as a Wings fan, I’ll take the win. But the thing in jeopardy, of course, is the greatest rivalry in the history of hockey. If it has to come to an end, it was sad to see it end like this. A tired, beaten down Avs squad taken down by the relentless Yankees of hockey.

Hey, we’ll always have the Patrick Roy-Mike Vernon/Chris Osgood beatdown at center ice, won’t we? Good times.


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