Totally Serious Music Review #3: Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”

Some music critics have theorized that this song represents racial empowerment. In the early 1990’s, the standards of beauty were define in terms of white Caucasians. Body forms from other races — in the song’s case, African American women — were derided as non-ideal. The critics say that Mix-a-Lot brought the issue to the forefront by emphasizing the sort of beauty that comes naturally.

And those critics would be wrong. This song is actually about big butts. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “Totally Serious Music Review #3: Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”

  1. While it would be foolish for a reviewer to miss the dominant theme of “Baby Got Back” (ie that Sir Mix-A-Lot wants to have sex with large butted women), it is equally foolish to reject the subthemes running through the text that deal with the rejection of Caucasian beauty standards and preference for natural beauty.

    I mean, it’s not even subtext; it’s just text. Both the visuals and lyrics of the video are as explicit about these things as they can be without overshadowing the more important central theme and dragging the whole thing into a muddled mess. Mix-A-Lot’s ability to deal with numerous issues without losing focus is what has made “Baby Got Back” such an enduring classic, and only those blinded by their own preconceived notions could fail to realize this.

    You are discredit to the profession of totally serious music criticism. For shame.

  2. What what of the symbolic Freudian visuals of the hot dogs? And Mix-A-Lot’s constant insistance on comparing the female form to fast fast (“a juicy double”)? Surely, these all point to Mix-A-Lot’s love for big buttocks and not some sort of commentary on racial preferences! However, you do raise some interesting points. I suppose that I didn’t research enough into Mix-A-Lot’s meaty “You ain’t it, Miss Thing” verse. (But who can blame me, really. Most totally serious music reviewers miss this part completely.)

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