Totally Serious Music Review #1: Lemon Demon’s “Knife Fight”

Lemon Demon is the young prodigy who first wowed the world “Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny,” a ballad envisioning an apocalypse at the hands of pop culture characters (symbolic of the current state of “art” as a self destructive force that can only be redeemed by returning to its innocent roots, symbolized by Mr. Rogers). One of his most recent songs is “Knife Fight.” The cheesy 80’s riffs belies the fact that our current vision of violences is equated with childhood games (like “Don’t Wake Daddy” and rock-paper-scissors). The juxtaposition of brutal violence (“Ima cut you/Swish, swish,” “I’m going to make you bleed copious amounts”, “I’m gonna slice you up”) with childhood taunts (“I’m the king of the street!”, “You’re knife is way too small!”, “You ready, sucker?/Born ready!/Engage!”) is borderline brilliant. Lemon Demon seems to be theorizing that wars are waged by those with stunted, prepubescent mentalities.

He concludes his song with a touching coda. The two combatants find that their weapons are frightening and can cause lasting physical and mental damage (“Knives are dangerous, we could get hurt!”), and instead both agree on a pursuit that can be beneficial for all parties (“Tickle fight, it’s a tickle fight, don’t bring no knife to a tickle fight/just bring your fingers/and bring your feather/and everyone can sing together”). Can’t we all resolve arguments if we just sat down, talked about our problems, and tickled each other?

Maybe not. The song finishes with a barely perceptible mumble that’s chilling in it’s implication: “Where’s my knife?”

The entire song can be listened to on the Lemon Demon site. Click here.


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