Jack Nicholson on Heath Ledger

I read that a London rag is report that when Jack Nicholson was asked about Heath Ledger, he replied: “Well, I warned him.” What could that mean? Was Jack mad jealous of Ledger’s role?

That’s what the London newspapers want you to think. According to poster danrimage on Onion’s AV Club, this is what really happened:

I have JUST finished listening to Nicholson’s statement on the radio. He, Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner are in London promoting The Bucket List, and at yesterday’s press conference Ledger’s name was mentioned. Reiner talked about River Phoenix’s death, Freeman mentioned that though both he and Ledger were in The Dark Knight together, they hadn’t actually met. Nicholson then told a little anecdote about ‘nearly driving off a cliff’ while on Ambien, said ‘I try to warn people about it’ (meaning sleeping pills) and then concluded with ‘I did not know Mr Ledger’

So if you’re set on hating Jack Nicholson for trying to gain publicity by slandering Heath Ledger, you probably want to save your ire at manipulative gossip columnists.


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