The Webcomic Overlook reviews No Pink Ponies

NOTE: This will be the last Webcomic Overlook post that will also include a linking post from my parent blog, Rooktopia. For the next month or so, I plan on doing a lot of updates to the Webcomic Overlook. I’ve got a few reviews in the pipeline I want to finish, plus a new feature I hope to launch. Consequentially, there will be fewer updates to Rooktopia. Thus, if I were to update Rooktopia every time I did a new review, the self-proclaimed “Total Dork Wasteland” would, unfortunately, turn into a blog with a ridiculous amount of links to this site. Frankly, no one wants that. So if you primarily reach The Webcomic Overlook from Rooktopia, please bookmark this blog or add me to your WordPress Blog Surfer. As for Rooktopia, I could get around to updating the site around February or so. A hearty thanks to all the readers of both blogs!

Today, the Webcomic Overlook takes a look at Eisu Mokhtar’s paean to comic store businesses, No Pink Ponies!


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