In defense of Lime Green Nation

Recently, Paul Lucas of UniWatch devoted a post regarding his befuddlement as to why the Seattle Seahawks and their fans have fallen in love with the uniform’s lime green accents. Several chose words, such as “neon snot” and “radioactive jade shade,” were used to disparage the accent color, which only appears on the symbol in the eye of the seahawk, which is done in the style of Northwest Native American artwork. A few commentators came to the defense of the color, but they’re probably Seahawks fans like me, so the view is likely biased.

Why root for the lime green? Here’s my reasons:

  • Only blue and white is simply boring. Seriously. Notice that no team in the NFL uses just blue and white. The Giants incorporate a splash of red here and there, and the Bears add a dash of orange for flavor. Surely Seattle could have used a different color, but…
  • Green is a city color. Every city has its colors, and Seattle’s is easily blue and green. (One can say that it’s actually a Northwest color. Vancouver does the same thing.) That’s due to the choice location near a big body of water (Puget Sound), mountainous surroundings, and the abundance of forests. If you’ve ever flown over Seattle, it’s difficult to imagine the the city colors to be anything but blue and green. (I get the same feeling when I fly over San Francisco. It’s such a maroon and gold city that it’s hard to see the city colors be otherwise.) Oh, maybe the team could’ve used a darker shade of green, but…
  • The lime green keeps the uniform from being the most depressing uniform in sports. It may be only a small accent colors, but it does wonders to brighten up a generally drab and depressing uniform. (If you haven’t noticed, the Seahawks blue and steel blue colors are very similar to a depressing, overcast day in Seattle.) A darker shade would’ve been lost in the uniform. So fortunately now the most depressing uniform in sports is either the Baltimore Raven in the all black gear or the Jacksonville Jaguars in the away togs. And finally…
  • The color combination is a hit with the ladies. So explain this to me guys. Generally, I bemoaned the loss of the original uniform with the silver helmets and the royal blue jersey. However, when I talk about the Seahawks with a person of the opposite sex, there’s generally a comment in there about how the new uniforms are so much better than the old. Now, this might mean that the Hawks are now fashionable. It might mean that the Hawks are more metro (AND THEY ARE). It doesn’t matter. If the ladies are happy, then I’m happy. (There’s a sad consequence to this, however. The Hawks sell a nifty lime green fashion jersey. It’s analogous to the pink jerseys other teams sell. Now, the case isn’t too severe, but that means that the lime green trim is similar to a team wearing pink accents on their jerseys. NO TEAM wears pink accents because that’s way too girly. What does this say about the Seahawks?)
  • BONUS: wearing a lime green bonnet with a nice blue-and-white Seahawks jacket looks pimp. ‘s truth.

So there you have it. Lime Green Nation, stand tall, stand proud, and wear the green like you were an ogre in a fracture fairytale.

Go Hawks! Sack the Pack!

UPDATE: Someone on the UniWatch comment board mentioned that there is a team that does use just blue and white: The Indianapolis Colts. My bad. I guess I always saw their primary color as white (owing to their away jerseys), and completely forgot that their other color was blue. (I was thinking mainly of the blue helmet-blue jersey combo.) Still, when the Colts don the blue jersey at home, I think that the overall look is kinda cold and not very remarkable. This is probably why you usually see them in whites on promotional material.


4 thoughts on “In defense of Lime Green Nation

  1. If you love lime green so much, replace your Transformers on the masthead with Devastator.

    He should be your patron saint.

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