Sari Sumdac: Tool of Evil?

Before I saw the Transformers Animated show, I felt a small twinge of pity for poor little Sari Sumdac. Before the show even aired, grizzly old Transformers fans (crotchety boy-men from the 80’s, all) were complaining about the little girl. Why do you introduce a stupid human to a show about giants robots punching out each other? But all Transformers shows always had some young counterpart. Spike Witwicky, for example, was the bots’ little buddy in the 1980’s. Sure, one could argue, he was a totally unnecessary component, but a tradition was started, and perhaps Hasbro has a feel of some undetectable connection between the human protagonists and the show’s audience. And I’m a stickler for tradition, so I find nothing wrong with retaining a human-robot partnership. Sari even gets to pal around with Bumblebee, which mimicks the Spike/Bumblebee friendship (also similarly shown with Sam Witwicky in the movie).

And then Sari opens her big maw, and everything goes down the toilet. Good Lord … that has got to be one of the most annoying brats depicted on animated television. My girlfriend, who was somehow watching the show with me*, groaned, “Ugh, why doesn’t that little girl shut up?” Every single screen appearance was Sari either screaming or whining.

And then they give her this friggin’ magic key that brings Transformers from the dead, instantly making her the Messiah character of the entire cast. Gah!

I get that this is the sort of character kids are supposed to identify with, but I doubt even kids would find her very tolerable. Do little boys — the target audience of transforming giant robot action, I believe — really look at a loudmouthed little girl and think, “Man, that chick is awesome! What moxie!” Man, when I was a kid, I loved Darkwing Duck, but Gosalyn was easily the most annoying character in the entire cast.

(* – This is not the sort of thing you live down, by the way. That week, I’d been living on a steady diet of NFL games, college bowl, and pro wrestling. Manly stuff. Watch one cartoon — and yes, it was the only cartoon I watched the entire holiday week not counting holiday classics — and the next day, she says, “What are you watching? Let me guess … cartoons?” I’m going to have to take in, like, 15-hours straight of UFC fights to cleanse myself, know what I’m saying?)


2 thoughts on “Sari Sumdac: Tool of Evil?

  1. I agree, El Santo. Easily the lamest part of the new show. But overall I dig it. I’m just waiting for the first appearance of Soundwave and his Silver Hawks-ish guitar.

    I think this week they introduce the Deathrace 2000 Decepticon.

  2. I haven’t been able to stomach anything Transformers since the end of Beast Wars. Which is pretty sad for a guy with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of near-mint Transformers just waiting for an Ikea display cabinet to showcase them in.

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