Bikini Expresso?

A few months ago, a news story broke about Cowgirl Expresso, which is a coffee stand in Seattle where the baristas are all wearing skimpy bikinis. There were two thoughts about that: 1) it was incredibly sexist and innappropriate, and 2) it was kinda weird to have girls in bikinis when the city in question was Seattle, the rainiest (or at least, most overcast) city in the US.

Of course, those criticisms are easily overriden by a “What kind of guy complains about seeing girls in bikinis?”

What the news story doesn’t tell you is that Cowgirl Expresso isn’t the only place where girls make you coffee wearing next to nothing. While I was in line at the bank, most everyone noticed one of the girls in line, despite the weather being close to 30 degrees, was wearing rather short shorts. It turns out that she’s a barista at the nearby Bikini Hut.

And, while I was driving home tonight, I noticed that an expresso stand nearby was now a “Bikini Shack.”

This may be a new trend, and all baristas everywhere may soon be adopting this sort of wear as a uniform. Might you see your local Starbucks gal in a cute two-piece? And how about the male baristas? Will they be pouring coffee shirtless and flexing for the ladies?

I WOULD check out these bikini barista places, by the way, if I didn’t feel like such a total perv just driving by those shacks. If you want a peek at what the gals of Cowgirl Expresso wear during normal workdays, here’s a site with quite a few pictures.


3 thoughts on “Bikini Expresso?

  1. Just dropped into a bikini hut in south everett/mill creek at murphy’s corner to get a coffe not knowing it was a bikini place.
    The girl wasn’t wearing a bikini. She was topless except for two 2″ stars on her nipples.
    I asked her what the fXXX?
    I said no thanks!
    My area doesn’t need this!
    Where do I complain?

  2. I noticed that the outfits this year were getting more risque. (Someone was wearing a similar outfit at a shack on 99 in Everett. Why does it always seem like it’s Everett?)

    It’s weird that in a place like Seattle there hasn’t been any serious outcry over this. I like looking at gals in bikinis as much as any other red-blooded American male, but c’mon. It looks seriously trashy. It’s like you’re being served by strippers, only the baristas are clearly visibly to passerbys. Bad enough there are casinos on every block. Why does Everett want to look like the white-trash capital of the world?

    I suppose you can complain to your local civic government, but since nothing has been done yet, I don’t know how effective that would be.

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