So this is Christmas

Just a short metapost for now. I haven’t been posting much on this blog lately because I’ve been doing a lot of Christmas activities lately. Picked up a tree yesterday, decorated it with some lights, put up the lights on the porch, getting ready for a company party tomorrow night. It’s truly the busiest time of the year.

It’s been raining like the dickens in the Pacific Northwest. We’re talking monsoon-like conditions. I’ve heard reports that some interstates had to be closed due to excessive rain.

On the comic book front, I’ve finally gotten around to reading the Watchmen. Despite my rabid hatred for Alan Moore, I have to admit that he did an excellent job with a “realistic” take on superheroes. Shows like “Heroes” are indebted to the comic world’s weird warlock. I also picked up Ultimates 2. It’s less ponderous than Watchmen, but I’m still convinced that the Ultimates will be the most significant graphic novel published in the decade between 2000-2010.


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