Make Mine Stamps!

I’m no stamp collector, but I like to adorn my envelopes with unique stamps that don’t just portray an American flag or the liberty bell. Heck, I’ve sent out bill payments bearing the likeness of Louis Armstrong. However, once in a while the USPS will put together a stamp collection that I find impossibly hard to resist. A while ago, they released a Star Wars one that I just couldn’t bear to use. It’s prominently hanging at my work cubicle. (There’s a Yoda one out now, though, that I will have no problem tearing apart.)

And then they come out with this:

Make Mine Stamps!

Classic Marvel characters! There’s Sub-Mariner! Spider-Woman! My boy, Iron Man! And the ever-lovin’ Thing! How was I to resist? Needless to say, it’s going to have a permanent, happy home in my drawer with the Disney, Warner Bros., and Modern Architecture stamps.


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