Adult Swim Rundown for November 18

Some thoughts about last night’s Adult Swim shows:

  • Metapocalypse: Fan favorite character (and my favorite too) Dr. Rockso has hit rock bottom. The only person who can help him? Toki Wartooth, who childishly loves clowns. Shockingly, it never gets old when Rockso does his “I do cocaine” catchphrase. Even more shockingly, this was a rather sweet episode of Metalocalypse, and that is saying A LOT. Toki cements his place as the team’s heart. He the only one in the world who gives a crap about Dr. Rockso. So what if it makes Dethklok seem soft? I thought they started to act like regular human beings the moment they freaked out over the leather made of human skin. (No “this leather is so metal.” Nosiree.) And when Rockso finally says, “I’m Dr. Rockso, and I USED to do cocaine,” well… it brought a smile to my face. Even if his nose does fall off. (Hey, Dr. Twinkletits manages to come back with some bionic arms. With that technology available in the world, I think Rockso’s in good hands.)
  • Xavier: Renegade Angel: I’m still not sold on this show. The episode with the Hispanic gang made me laugh, but the moment Xavier convinced the gang to flush drugs down the toilet, I turned it off. No, it didn’t piss me off; it’s just that I had a feeling that might be the last time the show would make me laugh, and I didn’t want the next scenes to potentially ruin it. Well, this episode had Xavier being a total douche to a handicapped kid, and once again I just could not see the humor of the show. Just another show where we’re supposed to laugh at how crappy people treat each other. Whatever.
  • Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!: I will never, ever get all those fans who love anything Tim & Eric do. This show does nothing to change my worldview.

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