Decepticons that survived … a followup

Contrary to popular belief, several of the Decepticons survived the end of the 2007 Transformers movie. What ever happened to them? We’ll probably find out in the sequel, but until then, Rooktopia is dedicated to spreading false rumors as if they were real. (Hey, Michael Bay is doing it.) What ever happened to the Decepticon survivors?


When last seen
Barricade was escorting fellow Decepticon, Bonecrusher, down the freeway to do battle with the Autobots. For some reason, he manages to skip out on the final brou-ha-ha.

Where is he now?
Barricade has since completely switched to the side of the Autobots. “I only joined the bad guys to jerk around with those GM guys a little,” Barricade said, “but with the economy in the gutter and imports flooding the market, American Mades gotta stick together, you know what I mean?” The Autobots had no problem adding Barricade to the ranks. “It turns out there was an opening after one of the guys SPLIT. That’s Autobot humor there, son.” Barricade is currently in the process of removing his provokative tattoos and having his name legally changed to “Prowl.” On his free time, he can often be seen buying and selling items on eBay,


When last seen
Starscream escaped the Earth’s atmosphere after retreating from battle.

Where is he now?
Starscream is currently incarcerated at a Cybertronian SuperMax prison on charges of treason. “This is an outrage!” Starscream said in a candid interview. “I returned to Cybertron to rally the Decepticons to eliminate the Autobots and their puny human friends, and this is the welcome I get! Someone will pay for my humiliation!” Guardian of Cybertron Shockwave begs to differ. “If you look at this footage recorded by Reflector, you can see that, during the battle, mighty Megatron was damaged by at least one missile launched form an F-22 Raptor. The human-piloted Raptors were preoccupied by Starscream’s guerrilla tactics and were unable to launch an effective attack. The evidence is clear: Starscream only volunteered for this mission to assassinate Megatron.” Starscream’s trial, originally scheduled to start later this month, has been postponed indefinitely while the planet of Cybertron has been mobilized to deal with a series of unpredictable cataclysms caused by the absence of the Allspark.


When last seen
The transforming Mountain Dew machine was last seen launching cans at high velocity to unsuspecting pedestrians.

Where is he now?
Dewbot recently inked a 5-year, $20 million dollar contract with the San Francisco 49ers for the starting quarterback position.


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