Movie Transformers Toy Review: Starscream


The Good: When the movie promos initially showed Starscream’s character design, I was not impressed. Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Jazz looked somewhat similar from their cartoon counterparts, but Starscream looked aboslutely nothing like the leader of the Seekers that we all know and love. I got used to him in the movie. However, I really loved the new character design with the toy. Movie Starscream’s got a nice star-shaped body, big beefy arms, and a broad chest filled with what looks like hydraulic tubing. And you’ve got to love those bird-like legs. Overall, I’ve come to accept that Movie Starscream is nothing like the original, yet there’s no reason there’s can’t be room in this world for both. The transformation is a bit challenging at first, but is quite simple once you figure out how the legs transform.

Starscream 2
The Bad: Nothing much on this robot is bad, I’m glad to say. The only think I’d change would be the sensitivity of the arm shooters, which have a tendency to go off once your fingers brush against them.

The Ugly: I love love love the robot form. The F-22 Raptor form, though, could use a bit work. I know that the actual plane is a bit bulky, but Starscream’s got huge chunks or robots parts sticking out of the bottom side. The arms/missile launchers hang cartoonishly under the wing, the feets and legs are still visible in the undercarriage, and the head never fully disappears even though there’s a helpful row of chevrons you can flip to hide it. The worst part are the little rollers at the bottom of th F-22 Raptor, put there so you can roll Starscream across the floor. What, no actual landing gear?

Good for kids? Oh, heavens yes. My fiancee was babysitting a kid, and I lent him three of my Transformers to play with. Out of the three, Starscream was clearly his favorite. (The other two were Ratchet and Jazz.) Starscream’s got those nifty missile launchers that rotate for some rapid-fire machine gun action. The Autobots didn’t stand a chance. Incidentally, I lost two of the missiles this way … but you know, that’s to be expected when kids play with toys. And if they toys aren’t ever enjoyed by an actual kid, what good are they, really?

Worth getting yourself? Yes yes yes. Starscream, as a robot, is unique and striking. He looks great standing next to my computer at work.

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2 thoughts on “Movie Transformers Toy Review: Starscream

  1. I will never forgive Micheal Bay for trying to make his Transformers “cool” by having intricate moving parts on screen instead of a good compromise that transforms into halfway decent toys. It’s like he didn’t even care that the toys were gonna suck.

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