Funky Winkerbean: Where’s Wally?

Not Wally

Finally, the reveal we’ve been waiting all week for. And unless Wally Winkerbean got some black Just For Men just to switch it up, this guy’s completely not Becky’s soldier husband!

First question … who is this guy? I’ve read someone mention that he’s a comic shop owner. Is this true?

Also, who was that dark-skinned girl (Rana) from the previous day?

Is this Becky’s new husband and the girl is her daughter? Rana does refer to Becky as “Mom.”

Or… could this be a total swerve? He’s only been refered to as the dark-skinned girl’s dad, not Becky’s husband. (I noticed that Batiuk seems to be dancing around that particular point in the dialogue.) Is it possible Becky adopted Rana, and black-haired guy was the foster dad?

UPDATE: Astute patrons of The Comics Curmudgeon seem to have a good bead as to where everything is headed. Apparently, Tom Batiuk posted on his blog that there’s a clue to Wally’s fate in the 10/11 strip. That would be the one where Les gets pickpocketed. (Pretty clever timing, by the way. The strip’s just about to expire on the Houston Chronicle page.)
The Clue
Most have pinpointed the clue to the lower left corner of the strip. The headline on the newspaper reads “Soldiers Taken Hostage.”

Is Wally alive and being tortured? Or did he meet the same fate as Daniel Pearl?

Or maybe this is yet another red herring, and the real clue are the pickpocketers … meaning that Wally has amnesia and has become a petty thief, probably in Cambodia or something, to survive.

Anyway, this is the most tantalizing things that Batiuk has done in a while, so hats off to him.


4 thoughts on “Funky Winkerbean: Where’s Wally?

  1. The comic shop owner was becoming friends with Becky earlier when Wally was missing in Afghanistan, and was ready to propose to Becky when Wally was rescued/found and returned to America; then Wally married Becky. After a while, the couple went to Afghanistan for a visit so Wally could work through some things. While there, Rana’s family died in a bomb attack. They had been friends of that family, and decided to adopt the little girl and bring her to America. Soon after, Wally gets deployed back to war.

  2. What the person above said is true. If you want to learn a lot of the background facts about Funky these last fewyears check out…

    It is a great site and even has all of the Cancer storyline and Wally’s service overseas. It is moving stuff. A lot of people have been saying negative things about Funky, but if you don’t like it don’t read it.

    John the comic book store guy was also the one to bring Becky to the hospital for Wally Jr birth. He was even asked if he was the father. Seeing as Becky’s mom got him arrested I think it is pretty interested that they ended up together. When they were dating while Wally was missing it seemed like he thought the world of her, but am I alone in thinking they didn’t get boyfriend and girlfriend close?

    John’s a good guy, but seems like Becky was jsut feeling sorry for him. I am honestly surprised to see them married, but a lot can happen in 10 years. Sometimes people just don’t want to be alone.

    Well we’re watching and waiting now like with so many other things in the strip. Like any comic we just keep coming back for more and I guess that is the point.

  3. I was wondering if the whole thing was a dream sequence. I remember John liking Becky but Becky not being interested, then one day, Becky was getting the kids reeady for something , and said let’s see what your father says, and John walked in the room.

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