Movie Transformers Toy Review: Barricade


The Good: Barricade’s auto form is the Ford Mustang, which is pretty slick. It’s also got a cool police-like paint job, including the uber-cool motto located above the rear wheelwell: “To punish and enslave.” (It was the main reason I shelled out the money for the dang thing. That motto may have also been the best part of the movie.) Also, comes with Frenzy, who stows away in the front grille.

The Bad: Transformed, Barricade looks nothing like the one in the movie … who, in my opinion, was the Decepticon with the most striking and unique look. In fact, I’d briefly considered getting the non-Transforming Barricade. Also, if the toy looks mis-porportioned and top-heavy … it is. The guy is prone to tipping over. And then there’s his biggest flaw: the toy comes with a “karate punch” arm that just won’t stay in place. One arm will always be bigger than the other. Other quibbles — Frenzy doesn’t do much other than bend at the waist of raise his arms vertically. Also, the wheels look really cheap, as if they came off some soapbox racer kit.

The Ugly: I can’t believe I didn’t realize until last week, when I watched the movie again, that the Bumblebee/Barricade battle was an homage to the classic Camaro vs. Mustang rivalry … that only Detroit cares or knows about nowadays, anyway.

Good for kids? Yes. Transforming is a bit of a challenge, as some pieces don’t fit all too well going from robot-to-car. Transformation is very intuitive, though.

Worth getting for yourself? Probably not, unless you just have to get the car with the coolest motto. Barricade has the worst robot form of all the Decepticons. Mine stays on the shelves in car form while the rest of the Transformers are in robot form.


8 thoughts on “Movie Transformers Toy Review: Barricade

  1. So Barricade has a “karate”chop arm?Oh that ruins it…i was gonna get him to.(with Ironhide and starscream)….Bye

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