Funky Winkerbean: This pizza sure is Funky

Chunky Funky

Last week, Les, Cindy, and Summer make their way to a New York pizza owned by none other than the title character, Funky Winkerbean. Funky seems to have put on 50 extra pounds, but all in all, he seems to be somewhat successful. Prospering business, good reviews, life is good!

Well, except for his divorce from Cindy. It seems like it was at least an amicable split. Notice that Cindy is not clawing his eyes out or anything. Rather, they share a smirk and a light peck on the cheek. I’m a bit concerned that the story is starting to turn maudlin again, but now that Batiuk has a clean state with the characters, surely he wouldn’t saddle them with yet more terribly “relevant” angst, now, would he?

Drunky Funky?


Of course.

*slams head into wall*

That had better mean that Funky was a “chocoholic,” because if Batiuk is going to transform “Funky Winkerbean” into a pulpit against the dangers of alcoholism, I’m dropping this strip all over again! Gah. I thought we were over the whole angst thing, but it looks like I was dead wrong. Is “cancer” going to be replaced with “alcohol”? (Funky: “It’s going to be a great day … except for the ALCOHOL. Smirk!”)

And we still have the impending reveal on what killed Wally Winkerbean. Seriously, things are never happy in the Funkyverse.


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