Body Slammin’ Blue Demon taste

If you look at the photo of me to the right, you might notice something odd about my face. Namely, that it’s covered in a mask. And despite my name, it’s not El Santo’s mask … that’s Blue Demon’s mask. So why did I pick up a Blue Demon mask when my online name is of his rival/tag team partner? It’s not really that complicated: I bought the mask to wear at a football game, and one of the team’s colors is blue. Safe to say if I were in a city with silver as a primary color (Oakland, Dallas, or Detroit), the El Santo mask would have been mine.

Anyway, I recently came across an ad that warmed my heart. I walked into a 7-Eleven, and greeting me at the drink fridge was a larger-than-life cutout of this fellow:

HOLY CRAP! It’s Blue Demon Jr.! And he’s shilling a drink named after him, “Full Throttle Blue Demon” energy drink! Needless to say, that was ALL it took for me to drop $2.49.

How does it taste? Sadly, it tastes nothing like the adrenal glands of luchadores. Rather, it tastes like blueberry syrup combined with the typical pruney taste of Full Throttle. But who cares! Blue Demon! I’ll by a friggin’ six pack of Full Throttle for that guy! That is the power of the mask, my friends.


3 thoughts on “Body Slammin’ Blue Demon taste

  1. I also bought the drink because of the name on the can. At the time I had seen none of the adverts where Blue Demon’s son is hocking the product. Being a tremendous fan of Blue, I could not resist. It got me jacked up enough to do a flying plancha… that’s for sure.

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