Funky Winkerbean: Halloween … of the Future!

I wasn’t going to comment on this week’s Funky Winkerbean. The Cancer Walk storyline, while touching in some ways, is also incredibly cheesy. I guess it’s nice that Les spent 10 years organizing a joint event in New York and Ohio, but it was so overwhelmingly cute that I was starting to reach for my barf bag. Also, coupled with Lisa’s testimonials in Washington some months back, I get the feeling that Batiuk was really struggling to reach a realistic conclusion to the whole storyline. If Batiuk wanted the storyline to resonate, shouldn’t he have Les Moore live his life the way most people would? I think, myself included, we would grieve the loss every day, and perhaps we’d help contribute to research causes, but organizing Cancer Walks is beyond the scope of most of us. It made Les somewhat less relatable.

So, again, I was going to skip the Funky Winkerbean update … then this panel came along. It’s supposed to be a Halloween panel. But look how everybody’s dressed? Is this Halloween or some sci-fi convention? I have a theory. The “Ten Years Later” crew is supposed to still be set in modern times. Yet I think Batiuk couldn’t resist a sly joke here: the costumes all look like they come from some sci-fi future. Could this be a silly, colorful representation of the Funky Winkerbean world circa 2017?


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