Funky Winkerbean: Introducing Older Summer

Les Moore spent the earlier part of this week in two time zones: narrating the story from the world of “Ten Years Later” and dealing with Lisa’s death in the past. I can certainly relate to Les’ TV watching habits. Before he died, my Dad would be an avid watcher of CNBC. While I can’t stand stock reports, there are times that I will flip to the channel and feel nostalgic. Anyway, while Les started growing his beard during his harrowing sojourn in New York City, it seems that now it’s grown into the full-fledged goatee.

OK, so some people might find it creepy, and frankly I probably wouldn’t be smelling old laundry, but I found this strip to be very touching. The sense of smell is the most intimate, I think. And to Les, this is the last trace in this world that he has of his departed wife. Pictures ae a historic reminder, like a book or a video. But the scent is more immediate … a reminder that closer to having Lisa in the same room with him.

Good Lord, Les has aged. It’s not so apparent when he was lying on that psychiatrist’s couch, but the way he’s slumped on the bench there, he looks every inch an old man. The Fun Run T-shirt isn’t doing him any favors either.

And we get our first glimpse of “Ten Years Later” Summer Moore! I have to say, she’s looking great. She’s looking rather placid, though. Will she be shoved aside in storylines to make way for characters with a more forceful personality? Heck, it’s happened on TV several times (“Happy Days” and “A Different World”), and comics aren’t immune either (remember when Popeye pushed aside the Oyl family?)

Of course, that’s much to assume from just one comic strip panel, so forget I ever said anything.

(By the way, this is a very clever transition to handle. Many folks just read the Sunday comic strips. So, if no one was following the story during the week, the Sunday strip followers get their own self-contained transition. Meanwhile, the scene also segues from the Saturday strip. This strip works for two sets of audiences. Well done!)


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