Animated Fridays: AMV Hell 4

I’ve visited the AMV Hells before, but this one is different.

It’s AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture II. Or AMV Hell 4: The Last One. I have my doubts about that, since a year or so ago, I was convinced AMV Hell 3 was the Last One.

The video starts off with an “Old Internet Meme” that says “This is the cancer that is killing AMVs.” I don’t know if this is an actual, factual criticism of AMV Hells, but it sure sounds true. I think that’s wrong, though. The AMV Hell format was inevitable, and it gave the contributors the freedom to explore ideas that couldn’t be supported in the traditional 3-5 minute format. If anything is killing AMVs, it’s the overexposure. Who hasn’t been a little bit miffed in searching for the legit music videos on YouTube, only to be greeted with several hundred anime mash-ups? Frankly, I suspect that the future of AMVs was troubled once they started appearing on (Pro-tip: was the venomous humor site of choice before SomethingAwful and Cracked began to dominate the scene.)

As for AMV Hell 4, its subtitle is apt. While other AMV Hells have incorporated something novel with each version, AMV Hell 4 follows the basic format of its predecessor, AMV Hell 3. There’s debate in the YouTube comments section over which one is better. For my money, both are equally great.

There quite a few things to love here, including a Captain Picard song, a spot on spoof of MXC, dancing sushi, DBZ’s Mr. Satan/Hercule coming out to the Rock’s theme music, a kickin’ rendition of the Rocky Horror Timewarp song, and the cutest AMV of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” ever. It slows down somewhat after the halfway mark, but that was true of its predecessor, too.

Unlike its predecessor, though, AMV Hell 4 was released in an era where YouTube clips exist at 10 minute clips at a time, so either download the whole thing on the AMV Hell site, or check out this video and the following links:

AMV Hell 4, Part 2/9
AMV Hell 4, Part 3/9
AMV Hell 4, Part 4/9
AMV Hell 4, Part 5/9
AMV Hell 4, Part 6/9
AMV Hell 4, Part 7/9
AMV Hell 4, Part 8/9
AMV Hell 4, Part 9/9


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