Mariah Carey’s “Hello Kitty” collection: What does it have to say about humanity?

The Onion AV Club feature known as “The Hater” (written by Amelie Gilette) featured an article a while back about Mariah Carey’s weird collecting habits. Namely, her eerie obsession with Hello Kitty stuffed toys. Here’s the picture that Amelie posted of Mariah’s bathroom:

So my fiancee and I were waiting at the grocery store checkout line and we found the Glamour magazine article about it. We had a good chuckle: not only did she have this stack of Hello Kitties in her tub, but she also had a bunch of stuffed animals on her bed. (I supposed we got some extra humor since I once gave my fiancee a “Super Cute” Hello Kitty from Hot Topic.)

Then my fiancee said, “It’s really nothing odd. We like to hide it, but women also like collecting toys as much as guys do. My grandmother has a collection of dolls, and my mom has a bunch of stuffed toys. I do, too. I don’t play with them, I just like to look at them. Some of them are nice reminders of things that don’t have to do anything with the toy.”

So you hear that, Mariah? Our Hello Kitty obsession diagnosis shows that you are, in fact, completely sane!

Also, my Transformers collection is completely validated.


23 thoughts on “Mariah Carey’s “Hello Kitty” collection: What does it have to say about humanity?

  1. I read the article. It stated that many of the Hello Kitty items in the bathroom are gifts from her fans. At least Mariah does not have solid gold bathroom fixtures and a gold toilet seat.

  2. I thought it was strange at first, but it’s actually kind of neat to have an entire room dedicated to something collectible – no matter what it is?

    1. who cares what people think? im older than you and have been married for 8 years and my husband loves that i love hello kitty and he buys me new HK stuff all the time! its feminine and cute! most guys want a girly girl like that! do you know how many GROWN celebrities are into hello kitty? look it up! i think it might surprise you. mariah is MOST DEFINENTLY not the only one! grown woman collect barbies and walt disney movies. its not wierd at all. be yourself. if someone doesnt like you for you, its THEIR LOSS, not yours! hello kitty rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mariah carey is NOT the only woman that likes hello kitty! anna nicole smith(r.i.p.), tera patrick , kimora lee simmons, paris hilton and britney spears also love hello kitty! as a matter of fact, i was watching something the other day about how hollywood was going hello kitty crazy. people will spend MILLIONS for hello kitty jewelry and accesories! women have always been into stuff like barbies (look at all of the grown women that are barbie collectors), hello kitty and walt disney! i think its important to always have that child-like side to you. besides, most men find it cute!

  4. Hello kitty is the new mona lisa of our times! Shes cute and innocent and sweet..everything that the world isn’t now. Im 33 years old and I still love her!!!

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