Funky Winkerbean: The Next Generation

I was lead to the Wikipedia entry for Funky Winkerbean, and, whadda ya know, there’s a nice group picture uploaded of the aged Winkerbean characters. The entry also has a bold Batiuk claim that it’s “going to be a different strip, a little quieter.” One can only hope. My favorite descripton is that Summer Moore, Les and Lisa’s daughter, is going to be a 15-year-old basketball star. That heightens my hopes considerably that the strip is going a different direction. I followed Funky with morbid fascination before, but I’m actually a little excited to follow where Batiuk is headed with this.


One thought on “Funky Winkerbean: The Next Generation

  1. I’ve been an avid reader of the Funky Winkerbean strip (and Crankshaft) for years and seen the changes, topics, storylines whether light or dramatic, issues and growth of characters. I’ve seen the format changes, from when time stood still until 1992, when time was fast-forwarded to having Funky and the gang graduate Westview High in 1988, skip the college years and having the cast enter the real world in the year 1992 (the change-over time), where the strip had been in real-time ever since.

    A major storyline and subject of controversy is Lisa’s Story, where character Lisa Moore unfortunately battles breast cancer, where it has advanced and spread and it was announced it will lead to the character’s untimely death, which occuredon October 4, 2007.

    I have a burning question regarding this storyline: After Lisa’s death, it was said that the story/format is to advance ten years hence. Does this mean that the year it will take place is 2017, the near future, or will it still be in 2007 which would have Lisa’s passing take place in 1997? The latter would be similar to Funky & crew graduating, storyline written and released in 1992, the changeover year, but the graduation revealed to have taken place in 1988. Another reason I question this is because current events within the last 10 years have appeared within the strip, such as September 11, 2001 tragedies with Cindy Sommers-Winkerbean (pre-divorce) reporting on those, and Wally WInkerbean in the armed forces (two times) and serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, even adopting an Iraqi girl who’s family was lost in a terror-bombing.

    I just was curious how the format would be, along with many other readers, I gather. Also, I understand that Lisa Moore will still appear through flashback scenes and via video she prepared prior to her anticipated death to she can advise her daughter.

    I Thank the creator Tom Batiuk for all the decades of entertainment through the powerful strip and I’ll anticipate much more.


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