Animated Fridays: How The Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended

At YouTube, there seems to be a team of Flash animators that exclusively do cartoons of how movies should have ended. It does double duty as a parody and movie criticism. Bonzer! They’re The Official How It Should Have Ended Channel, and they have quite a lot of offerings on YouTube, where they spoof things from Ocean’s 11 to Braveheart.

I came across the “How Spider-Man 3 Should Have Ended” at the forums on While humorous, at 6 minutes I thought it ran a bit long and was a bit too nitpicky. (And it’s not really how the movie should have ended, but how the movie should have been.)

No, my favorite is the short bit about the Lord of the Rings movies. Now … why didn’t the Fellowship come up with this plan? I can imagine Tolkien in his grave slapping his forehead over this. Enjoy!


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