Cassandra Cat, Cleo of Catillac Cats … same difference, really

One of the most hilarious (and frankly more than a little disturbing) running jokes at both comic strip themed sites The Comics Curmudgeon and Reynard Noir is the obsession everyone has over a anthropomorphic but shapely cartoon cat. Of late, though, Slylock Fox’s Cassandra Cat has started to look like an earlier furry icon:

Cleo and Cassandra Cat

(First image courtesy of; second image courtesy of Bob Weber, Jr., creator of “Slylock Fox & Comics For Kids”)

That first picture would be Cleo of “The Catillac Cats,” the back-up show for the “Heathcliff” cartoons. Cleo was, like, so totally 80’s. I mean, look at that Aqua-Net hair and the legwarmers. She’s like a well preserved icon of that decade. And, at least from the visual cues, Cassandra could be her modern cousin. Same color hair and skin, and the same anthropomorphic cues to accent the feminine curves. Heck, they even have names that allude to characters from antiquity.

Oddly enough, when Cassandra originally debuted, she sported a more unique tawny hair, tawny skin combo. Is it some sort of genetic predisposition that turns all feminine cat-women into furry Scandanavian supermodels?

And why do I get this icky feeling that I’ve been thinking about this way too much?


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